Summer Ideas for Those Who Can't Afford to Travel ...


Summer Ideas for Those Who Can't Afford to Travel ...
Summer Ideas for Those Who Can't Afford to Travel ...

Let’s be honest, not all of us can book a spontaneous trip to Cancun, take some time off from work to go on a cruise or finally explore a country you’ve always been dreaming of visiting. At least not without putting some serious damage to bank your bank account followed by unavoidable guilt and regret. However, life is way too short to be held back by financial instability, so it’s time to shake off your worries and come up with smart and sneaky ways of cutting off that anchor that is weighing you down, to see the rest of the world and learn more about the people in it!

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Study Abroad in Your Favorite Country

Girl, if you are a currently a college student, drop everything and start planning your semester abroad! I am telling you, spending a few months in a different country will be life changing. It will change your perspective on things, get you a little addicted to traveling and become the biggest highlight of your undergraduate career. Plus, if you are already receiving financial aid from your institution, you will most likely be able to apply it to your semester abroad without any extra fees. And if this doesn’t apply to you directly as you are currently out of college or already a parent, when the time comes encourage your child to take a semester abroad. You’ll instantly win some parenting points!


Take Baby Steps and Travel Locally

Another option is staying close to home and travelling locally! Yes, it might not be as exciting as going somewhere tropical but trust me, each place you visit will have its own gems you’ll find worth seeing. Just taking a two-hour drive away from home will make a difference. For example, go hiking close to your hometown or spend the weekend camping, become one with nature!


Search for Job/internship Opportunities in a Different Location

If you find that you simply don’t have the time to travel because of work responsibilities or the need to build up your experience/resume, kill two birds with one stone and combine work and travel! Broadening your job search to other regions or countries might not only expose you to more job availabilities but expand your life experience. Don’t be afraid to temporarily say goodbye to friends and family, because you’ll find that you’ll make up for the loss and gain so much more in return.


Check Regularly for Deals and Sales

However, if you have the time and just a little bit of cash to spare for travelling, I’d recommend regularly checking for the best deals that will allow you to spend your money wisely. There are a few discount sites that can help you plan an affordable escape such as and among many more. All it takes is a little bit of research and you might be able to go on a trip of a lifetime for just a few hundred dollars!


Visit Family and Friends Who Are Open to Hosting You

Of course finding a place to spend the night for an extended period of time can make a significant dent in your wallet, but all of this can be avoided if you have a few family members or friends in the area! Not only will you get the chance to reconnect with those who you don’t see on a daily basis, but you might even get to experience the region as a local!


Explore More of Your Hometown

When all else fails, don’t worry there is nothing wrong with opting out of travelling and staying home. Just when you think you’ve been everywhere, you’ll find a few spots you’ve never been too! In the end it all comes down to your attitude and how you are set on spending on your summer. Find a few hidden attractions, attend new grand opening events and simply enjoy the comfort of your home!


Watch DamonAndJo on YouTube

And when you have the time, check out Damon and Jo on YouTube. They’re a pair of best friends who travel the world on a very low budget, making all of their traveling dreams possible. They are smart with their money, clever with their planning and at this point experts when it comes to seeing the world for almost no cost! You might find these two as a perfect source for travel tips and a whole bunch of entertainment.

Don’t wait until it is too late to travel, the time is now! What are some of your dream of your dream travel destinations?

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