Send Summer out with a Bang with These Last Getaways ...

By Neecey

Send Summer out with a Bang with These Last Getaways ...

The sun might have started hiding between autumn clouds 🌥 but there are still fabulous places in The Americas where the weather is gorgeous in September and October. ☀️This is a good time to book a trip as it’s a “shoulder season” and good deals are available. If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer 👋yet, these places are calling🌞 …

1 Lake Tahoe – Nevada/California

Emerald Bay State Park, lake, loch, reservoir, reflection, Lake Tahoe is an amazing place to visit at any time of the year, but there is something about the atmosphere on the cusp between summer and fall that makes it really magical. Coming in at a balmy 76 degrees on average at this time. This amazing part of the Sierra Nevada stays in the 80-degree region all fall, and with places like Taylor Creek and Sugar Pine Point to visit, there will be more than enough to keep you occupied!

2 Cashiers – North Carolina

hill station, mountainous landforms, geographical feature, landform, wilderness, What better way to say goodbye to the summer than to visit a place that is the absolutely epitome of what laid back, adventure-filled Augusts should be like. Live out the final moments of summer by visiting Cashiers, a location on North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains that stays above seventy degrees well into October. There are plenty of mountain escapes, waterfall hikes, adorable farmer’s markets and a few luxurious spas … everything you need.

3 Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

Make a last gasp bid for the border to escape from the onset of autumn by traveling down to Plata del Carmen in Mexico. Mexico’s Fall feels like our summer, so you will be successfully following the sun! At a steady 80 degrees until October, you will be able to enjoy all that this hot Mexican destination has to offer from amazing outdoor parties and parades, to special festivals and, perhaps the best part, all of the amazing local food options!

4 Austin – Texas

skyline, metropolitan area, city, geographical feature, cityscape, Over the past few years Austin has enjoyed something of a cultural renaissance and it should definitely be on your late summer bucket list! The searing temperatures start to go down by September, giving you the perfect opportunity to get down there are enjoy some authentic barbecue as well as being able to experience the thriving music scene.

5 Jekyll Island – Georgia

It might have a name that sounds like something out of a horror novel, but Jekyll Island is the perfect place to wave goodbye to the summer one last time! You can get a feel of the picturesque South mixed some real character and adventure with a beach that stays at a pleasing 77 degrees all the way through to October. Take your Bf or BFF and have one last hurrah before the cold of the fall starts to set in!

6 Flores – Guatemala

marina, port, bay, dock, atuu, Flores is filled with lagoons, monkeys and mesmerizing ancient ruins. What more could you want to try to banish any thought of the cold months to come? Head down to Guatemala and you can put off the fall for as long as your budget will allow. If you want an unforgettable trip with the opportunity to experience authentic Mayan ruins, then Flores is the late summer trip for you.

7 Scottsdale - Arizona

Arizona seems to be one of those places that doesn’t pay any attention to the changing seasons. It’s beautiful and welcoming there all year round! Scottsdale is particular is a great place to visit as it is filled with luxury hotels that offer things like golf courses, thrilling horseback riding, mountain biking and then more demure activities like fine dining and art museum visits!

Are you planning a late summer trip? Please tell me where you’re going so I can be jealous.

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