Really Cool Summer Camps for Adults ...


Really Cool Summer Camps for Adults  ...
Really Cool Summer Camps for Adults  ...

Do you miss the summers of your youth when you got to spend a few weeks at summer camp with your friends? Well, it turns out there are loads of summer camps for adults that will take you straight back in time. Obviously, you probably can't go all summer, but if you have a week off, why not grab some friends and try out an adult summer camp? Here are some great options.

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Club Getaway

sports, outdoor recreation, leisure, plant, race, Located in Kent, Connecticut, this summer camp for adults is a great place to enjoy green space, sunshine, great food and a plethora of water sports. Sounds pretty great, right?


Soul Camp

leisure, tourism, outdoor structure, recreation, gazebo, This camp does not allow any alcohol (or drugs, for that matter), which makes it a laid back place where you can enjoy workshops and traditional summer camp amenities without anyone getting too crazy. It's a great place to make new friends or spend time with existing ones.


Zombie Survival Camp

fun, event, recreation, square, girl, Sounds fun, right? If you're a Walking Dead fan, this is definitely the summer camp for you. You'll get to try your hand at crossbow skills, knife throwing and hand to hand combat techniques.


Camp Rahh

fun, recreation, tourism, leisure, picnic, If you're looking for the traditional cabin experience, this is a great camp for you. You'll enjoy transportation, meals and tons of outdoor fun. Don't worry about going alone because you're going to make tons of great new friends.


Epic Nerd Camp

costume, girl, This live action role-playing camp is great if you love dressing up in medieval costumes and re-enacting scenes from the past. Enjoy circus games, jousting and tons of board games.

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Yoga Camp

hand, finger, arm, temporary tattoo, design, Sounds pretty adult, right? Among the offered activities are outdoor yoga, kayaking, crafts and forest bathing. You can choose between sleeping in a dormitory setting or a private cabin.


Wine Camp

grape, grapevine family, produce, vitis, fruit, I saved the best for last. Not only will you get to tour area wineries, but you can also take part in the grape harvest. You'll get to learn about the history of winemaking and enjoy fabulous bottles of wine with unforgettable meals.

Do you miss summer camp? Which of these do you want to sign up for?

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