8 Smart Ways to Get Air Miles without Flying ...


8 Smart Ways to Get Air Miles without Flying ...
8 Smart Ways to Get Air Miles without Flying ...

Air miles are great if you are frequent flyer. The rewards can add up quite significantly, especially if you have a credit card with an air miles rewards program. Things are even rosier if you know how to get air miles without needing to board a plane. If you want to build up air miles to save them for a special trip there are some creative and practical ways to increase air miles balance. Here are 8 Smart Ways to Get Air Miles Without Flying:

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Did your eyes just light up? What better way to build up Air Miles than by shopping. There are over 400 online stores that participate in the various airlines’ shopping for Air Miles programs. Retailers include Sears, JCPenney, Walmart, Nike, Ann Taylor, Drugstore.com and Sunglass Hut. There’s no need to have an airline credit card – any will do as long as you are signed up to the Air Miles reward scheme. Check out your local mall too as some stores will offer Air Miles rewards for shopping in person and over the phone.


Car Rental

Many car rental companies participate in the Air Miles scheme and whether you rent a car on a regular basis or as a one-off you can build up Air Miles by providing your frequent flier number at the time of booking.


Dining out

One of the most pleasurable ways of how to build up Air Miles is to receive them in reward for yummy meals. The eateries signed up to the scheme range from humble to Michelin Star rated so, there’s bound to be one to suit. Watch out also for the generous sign up bonuses. If you want to kick off your Air Miles balance there are some airlines that offer 1,000 after your first meal.


Say It with Flowers

Most airlines participate in the Air Miles for flowers program. You might be limited to which florists you can use but sending flowers and making someone happy is a nice way to build up Air Miles.


Stay in a Hotel

Most hotel chains participate in the Air Miles scheme. You will be asked for your frequent-flier number either when you make the reservation or check in. If you are booking via the Internet at discounted rates, check beforehand as some of the reduced price offers don’t qualify for Air Miles.


Donate to Charity

When you make a charitable donation, usually, getting a reward is not your motive. If however, you can increase your Air Miles balance, it’s no bad thing. American Airlines will give you 10 miles per$1 donated if your gift is to UNICEF, USO or Cancer Research.


Communications and Entertainment

There are often some strange bedfellows in customer rewards programs but it’s good to know that some of the best ways to build up Air Miles are through bills you would normally pay anyway. If you extend certain contracts through an airline site you will be rewarded with Air Miles. Major players are Verizon and AT &T. Also, if you are considering Netflix, you can get a very nice 1,500 miles if you sign up via American Airlines.


Invest and save

If you have a spare $25,000 lying around you would receive 15,000 miles from United Airlines on opening a Fidelity Investment Account. Other major airlines have similar offers. You might also consider choosing to have your mortgage with Chase bank if you knew you could add up to 50,000 to your Air Miles balance.

Now you know how to get Air Miles without flying you should see your balance soar. It should become part of your psyche to check whatever you are spending your cash on has an Air Miles reward if you really want to build up an Air Miles balance that truly will convert into worthwhile flights.

Please let us know if you’ve had any great Air Miles offers.

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