6 Great Reasons to Travel Solo with a Tour Group ...


6 Great Reasons to Travel Solo with a Tour Group ...
6 Great Reasons to Travel Solo with a Tour Group ...

There are some great reasons to go traveling alone, but equally, there are benefits of traveling solo with a tour group.

Are you a woman bitten by the travel bug? Did you try to get a friend to travel with you, but they can’t get off of work? Do you want the freedom of solo travel but the comfort and security of others? There are definitely benefits of traveling solo with a tour group.

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I can’t stress enough the importance of taking self defense classes. Traveling with a tour group provides you with a safety net. There are all women tour groups and mixed gender tour groups. With Intrepid Travel you can request hotel rooms to yourself or with another single gal on the trip. Your chances of being accosted in a tour group are extremely slim. Watch your valuables nevertheless, especially in and around the Notre Dame in Paris and the Church of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia


Make New Friends

How often did your Mom tell you to go out and make new friends? Well, here’s the ultimate way to make new pals. Book yourself an excursion abroad with a tour group with either intrepidtravel.com or ricksteves.com These are people who are happy, relaxed, and on vacation. You’ll be meeting people who are in the best of moods


Explore Where Your Dad Bravely Fought

Did your dad serve our country during the Vietnam War? Intrepid Travel is offering the chance for solo travelers to join their tour group to Vietnam. To walk around where your Dad put his life at risk and saved the lives of his fellow men is powerful


Visit the Lands of Your Ancestors

Many people today are using sites such as Family Tree DNA to learn about themselves and their ancestors. Maybe you’re adopted and recently learned your heritage is British or your family always said they’re one hundred percent Polish, but your ancestry DNA results show you’re a quarter French on your Mom’s side. You’ve brushed up on your high school French, went out to a fancy French restaurant downtown and watched all of the Rick Steves’ videos on France. With a tour group, Rick Steves tours offer tours all over Europe. You can choose a city, such as touring Paris with a group or touring throughout a country, such as going all over Greece, if your pocketbook is up for it a tour across multiple countries in Europe


Get a Far More in-depth View

Remember when as a kid you went to California on vacation with your family? You learned new things and had new experiences during your time in California, but it paled in comparison to when you went to meet your Dad’s much older sister in Michigan during your summer break. For two weeks, your aunt gave you the tour of Michigan. When you travel with a group, especially with top-notch companies such as Rick Steves European Tours and Intrepid Travel, you are paying for excellent guides who will introduce you to places only the locals eat, be invited into the homes of locals, and visit places you would never think to go

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Meet like-minded People

That obsession with ancient Peru or ancient Rome may not be shared by your best friends or your brother, but it now can be shared with like-minded people. Intrepid Travel offers single women the chance to travel to Macchu Piccy and hike the area, along with touring around Peru in a mix gender group. Rick Steve has multiple tour groups around Italy including one that focuses on ancient Rome. You’ll have lots to talk about with your new friends

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