7 Most Weird Forms of Transport - Would You Try One?


7 Most Weird Forms of Transport - Would You Try One?
7 Most Weird Forms of Transport - Would You Try One?

There are various types of transport that we encounter in our everyday lives: from cars to trains, we have become used to using transport to get from A to B. It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid travelling to school every day or a pensioner using the bus to get their weekly shopping, we constantly rely on regular types of transport – however this is my list of 7 Weird Types of Transport that will leave you feeling somewhat disappointed with your car or bike!

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Madeira’s Toboggan – the Daredevil’s Transport

Madeira’s Toboggan – the Daredevil’s Transport Madeira is a small and quaint Portuguese island renowned for its natural beauty. However there is something unique about the island – the suburb of Monte, high above the capital, contains toboggans that you can travel down the 2km hill in at speeds of up to 45 km per hour! The method of transport originated in the 1800s and was used by the locals, but now has become a popular tourist attraction – are you brave enough to take on this type of transport?

Photo Credit: Steve Walker


B-Bugs – Perfectly Suited to British Weather

B-Bugs – Perfectly Suited to British Weather England is well known for its temperamental climate causing lots of rain. That’s why the Brecon Beacons have trialed a series of rain-powered buggies that can be rented for a fee. They run on electricity from the Welsh micro-hydro system, and all you need is a valid British driving license to zoom around at up to 30 mph. The types of transport usually associated with Britain include the London Bus and Black Cab – make way for the B-Bug!

Hippos – Stop Wallowing around in the Mud

Hippos – Stop Wallowing around in the Mud Based in Toronto, the hybrid Hippo bus-boat is a fun way for passengers to travel across Lake Ontario and the city streets of Toronto. By combining a boat with a bus, passengers can enjoy a wonderful way to travel around the city and the lake – just beware: if you sit at the front, you are bound to get splashed!

Sauna-boat – Combining Relaxation

Sauna-boat – Combining Relaxation Continuing the water-theme, the sauna-boat is the perfect method of transport for those preferring a relaxing vacation. By bringing together both the spa treatment of the steamy sauna with a fast paced boat, Sweden have become the first country in the world to offer such an experience. The boat can travel up to 15 knots around the waters near Klädesholmen. If you are looking for weird types of transport but like relaxation, this was made for you.

Wuppertal Schwebebahn – the Oldest Elevated Railway

Wuppertal Schwebebahn – the Oldest Elevated Railway If one thing can be said about the Germans, it’s that they are masters of engineering. The Wuppertal Schwebebahn – the oldest elevated railway in the world – is just one example of Germany’s dominance on the world stage of design. Whereas we are used to seeing monorails that are supported from below, the Wuppertal Schwebebahn hangs from a bar above it – even the locals rejected setting foot on it at first! For this transport method you really need guts…

Bamboo Train – a Threatened Piece of History

Bamboo Train – a Threatened Piece of History The Cambodian bamboo train has been a popular way of getting along the backpacker trail in the country for many years. However the current train is threatened with closure, with plans for a proper modern railway system being drawn up. So if you want to chug steadily along admiring the beautiful Cambodian countryside, then you’d better do so quickly – this is not something you want to miss.

Beer Bike – is That Safe?!

Beer Bike – is That Safe?! Finally I bring you the Beer Bike. Typical of the eccentric lifestyle of Amsterdam, this type of transport will be something you are sure never to forget. Accompanied by no less than 30 liters of beer provided, you and up to 17 friends can travel through the city with a guide/driver that will peddle you along. No prizes for guessing which sex came up with this!

That is my list of the 7 Most Weird Types of Transport completed. I hope that you do venture out and see some of these unique and fantastically designed pieces of work – just don’t blame me if you’re too scared to try the German monorail or get too drunk on the Beer Bike! Please do leave a comment to share some of the types of transport you have come across over the years, I’ll be fascinated to find out.

Top Photo Credit: Björn Ole

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I soooo wanna try Madeira’s Toboggan and of course the Beer Bike.

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