Low Cost Vacations- Spots That Are Actually Cheaper in the Summer ...

A lot of people don’t realize it, but summer is a great time to travel. In a lot of places, summer is the off-season, which means that hotels and flights are cheap because no one’s flying to them. That usually means that’s the weather’s hot (which I think we could all live with for deals like these) or it’s a time of the year known for raining. (Have you ever been in a tropical rainstorm? They last about 10 minutes.) If you’re looking to go on a vacation this summer but don’t know where to start, these vacation destinations are perfect for your next big trip!

1. Orlando, FL

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There is no better time to visit Disney World than during the summer. It’s not the peak season, which means although the weather isn’t ideal; you’ll get to go for a price that simply can’t be beat. Seriously, if you’ve really wanted to visit the happiest place on Earth but haven’t been able to afford, look at prices for this summer!

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