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For decades, many women have ventured to India to “find themselves.” The mysticism and spirituality of India have always called to women who want to get in touch with themselves and to find the meaning in their life. This means it is also a place to go to get over a breakup. If you need to feel whole again and feel uplifted, here are some of the places in India to go to mend a broken heart.

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Be Enchanted by Sacred Groves in Mawphlang

Be Enchanted by Sacred Groves in Mawphlang The village of Mawphlang lies in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state in the north-east of India, some 25 km distance from Shillong. The village is surrounded by sacred groves that are as otherworldly as a fairytale. It's one of those magical places in India, where time stands still and the landscape itself appears to defy the laws of nature.


Regain Your Spirits at Chemrey Monastery in Ladakh

Regain Your Spirits at Chemrey Monastery in Ladakh Constructed in 1664, the Buddhist monastery in Ladakh appears magically out of the mists and shadows of the mountains and looks like a setting for Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. It's one of those spiritual places in India, where the teachings of the resident Drugpa put breakup sorrows into perspective.


Take a Houseboat Tour in Alleppey, Kerala

Take a Houseboat Tour in Alleppey, Kerala Take a tour of the magical backwaters of Alleppey in a traditional houseboat and you'll soon regain your composure and lust for life. Inspired by the beauty of the surroundings, your heart will be ready to fall in love again - this time with something more worthwhile than a mere man!


Clear Your Head at Idukki in Kerala

Clear Your Head at Idukki in Kerala Idukki is one of those stunningly beautiful places in India, where mirror-like lakes and distant rolling hills help troubled minds to embrace life afresh and make plans for new beginnings.


Do Yoga and Find Tranquility in Gokarna

Do Yoga and Find Tranquility in Gokarna Spend a week meditating and practicing yoga at the SwaSwara resort, which overlooks the lovely Om Beach, and you'll soon find a brand new path ahead. The resort is also home to resident artists, whose inspirational work will take your mind off your breakup blues.


Be Robinson Crusoe at Rutland Island in Andaman

Be Robinson Crusoe at Rutland Island in Andaman Spending time alone after a breakup to assess what went wrong is far better than plunging headlong into the next relationship. And where better to soul-search than on Rutland Island in the Andaman? Sit like Robinson Crusoe on a deserted beach and contemplate the black volcanic rocks that line it; listen to the wind whistling through emerald green forests and watch the surf rushing over pebbles - if the beauty of this place won't heal your bruised heart and ego, nothing ever will.


Lose Yourself in the Thar Desert

Lose Yourself in the Thar Desert Although technically a desert, India's Thar Desert is nonetheless teeming with wildlife and interesting plants. It's an amazing place, where life thrives in abundance in one spot and total barrenness lurks in another. Here desert scorpions are as much part of the landscape as the Indian Bustard, the wily red fox, the miniscule Indian spiny-tailed lizard and the sleek mongoose. Your heart may for the moment be stuck in a desert, but look around you: there are as many potential new lovers out there as there are grains of sand!


Don't Be an Ass in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Don't Be an Ass in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat The Rann of Kutch is part of a network of eleven national parks in the Thar Desert area and the only spot where the Indian Wild Ass, one of the most endangered species of India, has found a protected refuge. This part of India is renowned for vast salt pans, an endless flat landscape ideal for breaking land speed records, star-gazing and re-assessing values. Given the state of our planet, can you justify moping over some unworthy lover?


Cry Me a River at Shimoga in Karnataka

Criss-crossed by mighty rivers, this lush and verdant landscape is dominated by areca nut plantations. Let your tears fall freely at Shimoga, where the roar and sheer magnificence of the Jog Waterfalls will help you to fall in love with the world once more. Or at least with Karnataka, one of those places in India, where natural beauty outshines all petty human concerns.

Now the next time heartbreak strikes, you know where to go – right?

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Go to India to get over a break up. Yeah, okay. If you want to avoid breakups then just don't date anyone. It's that simple.

Beautiful I will love to go to India. A dream indeed

I love India and yes, Kashmir is gorgeous.

Beautiful article but Kashmir n north east states along with uttarakhand are also worth mentioning n visiting

But don't travel alone, ladies. There have been attacks on single women in India. As much as I love it there, I recommend traveling in groups.

wr iz kashmir! heaven on earth

Beautiful places!!

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