How Traveling Together Makes Your Relationship Stronger ...


You’ve probably heard the saying, “the couple who travels together stays together.” You may live together, but there’s something about going on holiday and spending 24/7 in each other’s company that can not only test your relationship but make it grow stronger. Ready to understand why?

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A Joint Goal & Purpose

One clear way of how travel makes your relationship stronger is that you and your partner are encouraged to act as a team more than in regular, everyday situations. Whether it’s negotiating tricky underground systems, discussing hotels and hostels to stay in or just deciding where to go, everything you do and every decision you make is approached as a duo, making you a great double act.


Better Communication

Traveling, even when it is at its easiest, can be a testing and tense time. By spending so much time with one another in a close confinement, you and your partner will be able to grow a much better understanding with one another and your communication skills could become much stronger. Picking up and acting on mini signals is a really important part of a good relationship.


Understanding Limits

To travel a long distance over a long period of time with someone can be a very revealing experience, both for yourself and from the view of your travel companions. Your weaknesses and strengths will be on display just as your partner’s will, and discovering and understanding these personal boundaries and limits will only help to make you stronger together.


New Shared Experiences

There is nothing to bond a couple further together than having the shared experience of something new and wonderful. Traveling either domestically or internationally will create hundreds of new memories that will be cherished and shared for years to come, giving you countless personal jokes and anecdotes to tell again and again!


Better Sexual Relationship

Trust me, this one has been proven by scientific fact! According to a recent survey, couples who regularly travel together have better, more satisfying sexual relationships than couples who don’t. This could be something to do with the fact that traveling as a pair halves all of the stress and work, leaving more energy for, well, other things!


It Reveals True Personalities

When you are caught up in the demanding nature of traveling there is absolutely no time for false pretenses and fake attitudes. If your partner can put up with you when you are at your most frazzled, then you can be sure that it is a sign of true love. None of us are at our best both physically and emotionally on a long journey, so if you can stand each other during this time then you can stand anything!


You Become Friends as Well as Lovers

Traveling together for a long period is the true test of a relationship, and if everything goes to plan then you will soon see that you not only have a great romantic partner, but also a new best friend in one. Spending so much time together means that you will get to know your partner in even greater depth than you already do, sticking through any challenge that you may end up facing along the way and coming out stronger lovers and stronger friends on the other side.

Have you experienced this yourself? Have you been on a trip and realized you have grown closer on your return?

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I agree defo. Lice travelling with my man. He is handy with a map. Hahaha

So true. After 15 years together it means a lot when you can tolerate being in the car with someone for several

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