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7 Ways Travel Helps Mend a Broken Heart ...

By Neecey

Don’t sit around wallowing in self pity or wondering how to get your lost love back and instead pack up your suitcase and trust in these ways travel helps mend a broken heart. Get on the Internet and book a trip to escape your misery and embrace the healing power of travel.

1 Change of Attitude

If you are going to accept that there are ways travel helps mend a broken heart, you have to realise that the first step you need to take is having the right attitude. Unless you see travel as a positive step, all you will be doing is running away. You’ll just take your misery with you and wallow in a different place. Embrace the positive effects of making the decision to take a trip.

2 Keeping Busy

Planning a break is a great way to take your mind off things. Don’t just call up a holiday website and book the first affordable deal you see. Take the time to research where to go. Plan a few adventures. While you are looking at hotels, comparing flight prices, deciding the attractions you want to visit and making packing lists, you won’t have time to dwell on your broken heart.

3 Distance

Travel is the ideal way to put distance between you and an old relationship. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s for an on-going relationship. You won’t have time to think about him if you are trusting in the healing power of travel.

4 New People

There’s nothing like a change of location to engage with new people. Please don’t choose the wrong sort of trip for your personality. Going solo is hard unless you find it easy to strike up conversations with strangers. Escorted tours are a brilliant way to travel and be with new people. Gregarious types will find it easier to get along in a hotel or backpacking. And, don’t shy away from meeting new people. This will only give you time to think on what’s happened. Open yourself up to the delights of making strangers into friends.

5 New Experiences

If you feel your broken relationship has left a gaping hole, fill it with wonderful and interesting new experiences. Embrace a different culture. Soak up everything that is different. Try things you’d never do at home. Filling the dark, empty space will nourish that broken heart of yours to mending, not feed it to sustain it. Live in each new moment – your footprints on an otherwise pristine beach, the second the sun sinks into the water, your first taste of an exotic seafood – not in the past.

6 New Memories

One of the lovely ways travel will help you recover from a break up is that your trip will provide you with a whole new pile of delicious new memories. It will help you elbow those thoughts of “the place where we..”, “the first time we …”, “that’s where we…” to a corner of your mind. They won’t disappear – and why would you want them to – but they’ll be less raw and saved for special moments of reminiscing when you’re in a stronger mind and holding it together. You’ll have new stories to tell.

7 A New You

You will return home from your trip with a brighter outlook. You’ll be stronger for knowing that you have recovered from a broken heart. You know you can face life at home again and not have to hide away. You have the strength to accomplish things on your own and you won’t feel weak at the thought of being alone in the future.

Are you a believer in the healing power of travel? Have you ever been on a trip to help you recover from a broken heart?

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