11 Pro Tips to Spotting and Surviving a Tsunami ...


11 Pro Tips to Spotting and Surviving a Tsunami ...
11 Pro Tips to Spotting and Surviving a Tsunami ...

Want to know how to survive a tsunami? Tsunamis can happen any month of the year because earthquakes can happen any month of the year. These twelve tips for spotting when a tsunami might or will happen and surviving one are paramount. So, let's get started with how to survive a tsunami.

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A Big Earthquake Has Hit

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an 8 or 9 point earthquake to create total destruction. As long as the ground shook, it can cause a tsunami. Furthermore, the earthquake doesn’t have to be where you are for you to be impacted by a tsunami. A large earthquake in Japan can cause a tsunami in South East Asia. Knowing this is the first step in how to survive a tsunami.


The Ocean Floor Recedes

As a tsunami approaches the ocean floor will recede. It’s not like when the moon pulls the tide back. The ocean will deeply recede exposing reefs, ocean floor, seaweed, and fish.


A Roaring Wall

An extremely tall wall of water that roars like a jet engine will come next. By this time if you’re not off the beach and on higher land then it’s sayonara.


Learn about a Tsunami Warning in Advance

Keep tabs on the news. If there’s been an earthquake where you live or around your part of the world (such as a large earthquake in Japan as you are on vacation in Thailand) check with the FEMA website and other weather websites around the world. Tsunami is a universal word.


Prepare Essentials

If you expect a tsunami is coming, have your essentials ready. Passport, airplane ticket (although I can guarantee if disaster hits you will be there much longer than planned), medications, water bottles, packages of food, pet food, pet medication, water for your pet, flashlights, and a first aid kit.


What is Your Dog Doing?

Dogs can sense something is about to happen. If you notice your dog is acting peculiar, then it’s time to get to higher ground. Always take your dog with you.


Get to Higher Ground Immediately

Leave all of the possessions you don’t need (example, you will need water bottles and your medication) and run to higher ground. Roads will be completely wiped out so when the government or weather report tells you a tsunami might happen or will happen it’s time to get moving up. Stay far away from the coast and any other body of water such as a lagoon or lake. Head to the hills or mountains.


If You Can’t Escape Get on a Roof

The building can collapse on you, so it’s better to get to the hills or mountains but if there’s no time, get up on the roof of a building.


Brace for Aftershocks and Additional Waves

Tsunamis can come in waves and last for hours, the next one bigger than the last.


Do Not Trust Word of Mouth

Do not move from higher ground until you hear an all clear on the radio.


Know That Survival Continues

Tsunamis are major, major disasters. The effects are the same as war. It’s not only surviving the tsunami but surviving the aftermath. Grocery stores, airports, pharmacies - they’re all wiped out. Do all you can to come together and seek help. Head to an Immediate Relief Camp.

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