7 Gadgets You Need for a Secret Agent's Vacation ...

If you fancy yourself as Jane Bond, pack your orange Halle Berry style bikini and tuck these secret agent travel gadgets in your suitcase alongside your cocktail dress with the thigh length slit. Head off for an exotic location where you know the latest megalomaniac seeks world domination and put your secret agent travel gadgets to use, saving us all from disaster.

1. The World’s Smallest Camera

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All the best secret agent travel gadgets come in a miniature size. The last thing you want in a camera is for your target to spot you surreptitiously filming them. You want a camera like this one. About as big as your thumb, you can mount it, hold it or wear it on a string around your neck. It provides high resolution recording with good audio and an 8GB memory. And, if you’re leaving super spy at home for this vacation, it’s the perfect camera if you only want to pack a carry on. It's available at amazon.com.

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