9 Fun Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own City ...


To be a tourist in your own city can be a fun way to experience the place you usually call home. It could be an excuse to do things you wouldn’t normally do or a chance to discover new and interesting things about your city. If you’ve ever had those moments where you think your city is boring, maybe you just need to look at it from an outsider’s perspective. Check out these tips for how to be a tourist in your own city. You never know, you might just be surprised to discover what it has to offer.

1. See the Main Attractions

One of the best reasons to be a tourist in your own city is the chance to do all the touristy things that ‘locals’ wouldn’t usually do. Visit the main monuments and attractions, head to any local theme parks, or attend any markets or festivals that your city might host. Even the super cheesy attractions can be fun if you approach them with the right attitude.

Head to the Zoo
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