7 Foods You Should Not Eat before Flying ...

By Neecey

7 Foods You Should Not Eat before Flying ...

Because altitude and the on-board atmosphere can affect your body in all sorts of ways, there are some foods you should not eat before flying. You can play a big part in how you feel after a flight, and even in-flight if you’re going long-haul, by what you choose to consume on-board. Your snacks, drinks and meals should be as much part of your travel plans as anything else, and these are some of the foods you should not eat before flying.

1 Fast Food

When you are browsing the food court, really think about which foods you should not eat before flying. Tanking up on fast food is tempting when you’re at the airport because it is everywhere. However, you need to trust me when I say that your body is not going to be happy when it is trying to break down these fats at 35,000 feet. Fast food before a flight is a recipe for heartburn and an upset stomach. I’m sure you’d rather be watching the in-flight movies than sitting in the tiny aeroplane toilet cubical!

2 Garlic

Everyone knows that garlic gives you smelly breath; is that something you really want on a long flight? I’m sure the people next to you would appreciate it if you didn’t tuck into garlic before the trip. Garlic also lingers in your body odor, which is all you need when you get a little hot and sticky on the plane. Garlic compounds are absorbed into your bloodstream and lungs, so even if you brush your teeth or chew gum, you aren’t going to tackle the smell. Be kind to your seatmates and put garlic on the list of foods you should not eat before flying.

3 Sugar-Free Gum and Candy

If you are a diabetic or on a diet, then sugar free is a Godsend. Usually, however, this type of sweet contains sweeteners and our bodies are not designed to digest these artificial sugars. The problem with artificial sugars is that they can cause gas, bloating and even laxative effects, making it most definitely one of the foods to avoid before flying. None of those effects sound very pleasant for a confined space! When you buy sugar-free sweets make sure that you read the label and check the side effects.

4 Beans

Beans are a no go before a flight. We all know what happens when you eat too many beans- you get gassy. Holding in the gas might be what your seatmates would rather, but there is no doubt that it is going to lead to a serious stomachache when you get off. Beans will also give you the dreaded ‘jet-bloat’ and leave you feeling really uncomfortable.

5 Booze

Who doesn’t love to get in the holiday mood with a pint or a large G&T at the airport? I hate to be a buzz kill but drinking alcohol will dehydrate you. You’ve got to be extra careful about dehydrating on a plane because of the fact that the air in planes isn’t humidified. If you are drinking on the flight then you’ll probably find that not only does the alcohol affect you more than on ground, you will also feel grouchy and tired when you disembark. If you really must have a pre-flight drink, be sure you wash it down with a glass of water.

6 Carbonated Beverages

Fizzy drinks like soda are going to bloat you out a treat. The bubbles you are drinking are going to go into your stomach then expand with the changes in the air pressure.

7 Vegetables

Broccoli and cauliflower are foods to avoid before flying- what a shame! The problem with cruciferous vegetables before a plane journey is again due to the plane’s atmosphere. The air pressure changes in the cabin can lead to the gases in your stomach expanding. This leads to you feeling very uncomfortable, bloated and gassy.

So now you know the foods you should not eat before flying, what should you be eating? Check out the companion article here: 7 Foods You Should Eat before Flying. Is there any one particular thing you never eat before getting on a plane?

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