Find Sweet Summer Seclusion at These US Beaches ...


Is your dream vacation a swathe of deserted soft sand where you can stretch out to catch some rays, periodically walking to the clear ocean for a cooling dip? We all love beach vacations which is why you have to go pretty far away to find a beach where it’s just you and the odd Robinson Crusoe or two. But what if you haven’t saved enough pennies to jet off to a paradisiacal desert island in the South Pacific? Well you can look closer to home – like these places

1. Awahua Beach, Molokai Island, Hawaii

Awahua Beach, Molokai Island, Hawaii

If you're looking for exotic secluded beaches within the US, Molokai Island in Hawaii should be topping your list. Less developed than the other islands in the archipelago, Molokai Island's Awahua Beach is spectacular, black volcanic sands framed by towering sea cliffs and only accessible through a tour group. Molokai used to be a leper colony until 1969 and there are still a few residents living there, so lone tourists are not permitted to wander around on their own.

Dry Tortugas, Florida
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