7 Famous Food Trucks You'll Be Happy to Travel for ...

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying the local cuisine, and famous food trucks top my list of places to try. Once called “roach coaches,” these trucks are no longer the dirty and cheap versions you might be used to. Many fancy trucks park in big cities or make the rounds to deliver fresh and delicious meals to anyone who wants them. Next time you decide to take a trip, check this list of famous food trucks to help you decide where to go.

1. Seoul Taco – St. Louis, Missouri

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Taco trucks are one of the most popular of all the famous food trucks. They’re portable and easy to customize so you can grab a couple and eat while you walk. Check out Seoul Taco for a new twist on this old classic. Try a Korean taco with Seoul sauce, sesame seeds and lime juice. If you’re sitting down to eat, add a side of kimchi fried rice or kimchi slaw. You definitely won’t be sorry.

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