10 Enthusiastic and Convincing Reasons to Visit Vienna ...


Vienna, Austria, well known as the birth place of the Viennese Waltz and the Vienna Boys Choir, but also seeped in history as it played a pinnacle host to some of the World’s most talented and illustrious composers ever to grace this planet. The classical music capital city of Vienna drew Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss (Senior and Junior), Shubert and Brahms, and so many others to hallowed concert halls and glittering salons. It is easy to forget, in the shadow of the city’s great history, that Vienna is also one of the top metropolitan areas in all of Europe. This formally regal grande dame has given way to a dynamic and modern city space, and to see the original old city, snuggle up in between its modern counterpart, is just one of the attractions. Here are 10 Enthusiastic and Convincing Reasons to Visit Vienna.

1. St. Stephen’s Catherdral (Stephansdom)

As far back as the 12th Century, Churches have been a significant presence in the area. This magnificent Cathedral was where Mozart married his wife, Constanze Weber, on the 4 August, 1782. Two out of his six children were baptized here and Mozart was buried here on the 7 December, 1791. The tour of the catacombs under the Church is an experience that will leave you mesmerized.

The Spanish Riding School
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