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Oh summer, the time of the year when you can explore the outdoors, soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy activities that aren’t available during other times of the year, but… there is one thing standing in the way, and that’s money. Let’s face it, summer is in fact quite expensive. Frequent ventures outside take a toll on your budget! However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend the sunny afternoon stuck between four walls because there are numerous cheap and cost effective ways to enjoy your summer to the fullest.

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The Downtown Boathouse's Free Kayaking

The Downtown Boathouse's Free Kayaking The Downtown Boathouse offers kayaking programs to the public for the purpose of encouraging safe public use of the harbor waters, and it is all completely free! All equipment is provided! The only requirements are that you need to know how to swim and have a guardian with you if you are under the age of 16. There are even several locations that you can visit, such as Pier 26, Governors Island, Pier 96 and 72nd street.


Pier 25 Miniature Golf

Pier 25 Miniature Golf Not a fan of being on water? Spend the day playing mini golf for only $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for children. From April 15th, Pier 25 opens an 18-hole professional grade miniature golf course from early to late afternoon and sometimes even later, on days with warmer weather. The course is surrounded by the Hudson River and a beautiful view of Gehry apartments along with the Woolworth Building Tower.


SummerStage Concerts and More

SummerStage Concerts and More The best thing about the summer in NYC is a plethora of free live music all summer long! As part of SummerStage, Celebrate Brooklyn!, and many other, smaller series, big time musical artists and new rising artists perform in front large crowds in all five boroughs. There are monster lineups planned from May through September so don’t feel too bad if you can’t afford to splurge on ridiculously priced music festivals!


NYC Park outside Movie Screenings

NYC Park outside Movie Screenings Along with summer concerts, NYC parks also host free outside movie screenings with a variety of genres that will surely appeal to all types of movie lovers. Just look up comprehensive lists of all summer screenings and pick out what best fits your likes! Make sure to grab a blanket, a few snacks and a group of your closest friends for an evening of low priced entertainment!


Stop by a Beach at Night

Stop by a Beach at Night Going to the beach in the morning is one thing, but making a visit closer to the end of the day is a completely different experience. Plan your trip just in time for the sunset and make sure to bring a camera, because the view will be worth capturing! Dress a little warmer than usual, bring food, a blanket and maybe even Chinese lanterns!


Visit the Highline

Visit the Highline The Highline is a public park that was built on a freight rail line, which is elevated above the streets on the West Side of Manhattan. Not only does this place have breathtaking views but also great restaurants, bars, entertainments hot spots and shops in its vicinity. More specifically, you will find Chelsea Market, galleries, museums and the Hudson River Park adjacent to it!


Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge If you are in the mood to visit a national historic landmark and catch sight of beautiful scenery, Brooklyn Bridge is a cost-next-to-nothing option! As long as you cover transportation, you’ll be able to spend the day eyeing one of the most beautiful spots the city has to offer and enjoying activities at the park named after it. The Brooklyn Bridge Park has plenty of events planned out in advance, such as sunset pilates, kayaking, sports clinics, stargazing and story reading events.

The best things in life are free, or almost free! So don’t be discouraged about pursuing your summer adventures even if your bank account isn’t cooperating. Take advantage of what the city has to offer and keep on the look out for free events that are happening around you!

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Ahh I've always wan to go to an outside movie place!

Thank you!! My boyfriend lives 10 minutes from Manhattan and always swears there's nothing to do in NYC.. crazy man.



Fantastic when I visit new York I shall bear those in mind

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