7 Chocolate Shops in San Francisco That You Should Sample ...

There are some well-known and perhaps some lesser-known chocolate shops in San Francisco, the internationally acclaimed culinary mecca. Who doesn't love chocolate? I know a few people who don't enjoy the sweet treat, but I certainly do, and whenever I am visiting a new city, I will always find time to sample some local candies and chocolates, then I'll walk them off by exploring the sights! Here are some of my favorite chocolate shops in San Francisco that you should sample, if you happen to find yourself in the city by the bay.


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One of the newest chocolate shops in San Francisco (you may get a glimpse of their chocolate at the airport), TCHO has an actual factory which you can tour, as well as a retail shop. However, the factory is about to move to a larger location in West Berkeley, so their tours are on-hiatus until late Spring and they are soon to open a new store in the Westfield Mall (located at Powell and Market Street). TCHO focuses on the flavors of cacao, separating them by profile. As a result, they position their chocolate in terms of the flavor profile, rather than by cacao percentage or the origin of the beans. What I like most is that TCHO is anti-slavery; they are trying to raise the consciousness of this reality by refusing to use cacao produced by slaves. A must-sample is their Mokkacino bar - a dense SeriousMilk chocolate, blended with local Blue Bottle's coffee.

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