8 Brilliant City Guide Apps ...


8 Brilliant City Guide Apps ...
8 Brilliant City Guide Apps ...

There are plenty of travel apps available for planning and booking but I have been looking for some city guide apps that will be helpful for visitors when they reach these wonderful places. I’ve found eight apps that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. They are all available in the iTunes online store, and are all great for finding your way around some of the world’s most famous cities. Here are 8 brilliant city guide apps.

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Paris Travel Guide and Offline Map

Paris Travel Guide and Offline Map itunes.apple.com
This is the best of the city guide apps for Paris and it allows you to store a map of Paris on your phone so that you can use it when you are there. You can also store information about Paris, such as places to go and things to do. It has in-depth information that allows you to navigate your way through Paris without missing any of the good bits.


Sydney Travel Guide

Sydney Travel Guide itunes.apple.com
It’s nice to know that some of the best city guide apps are free. Triposo’s app allows you to plan your trip around Sydney in advance. It allows you to see the places that you may visit, and plan a route through the city. You can also download your maps so that you can store them on your phone as you wish. There are reviews of places to see and visit, and it contains some really interesting historical and background information about the city.


Tokyo Travel Guide

You can’t really go wrong when you know something has the Lonely Planet marque. Have everything they know about Tokyo at your finger tips with offline maps and GPS tracking. The app contains plenty of suggestions of attractions and places to visit, along with reviews just like the website, but enhanced by content from the Lonely Planet guide books.


New York Travel Guide and Offline Map

New York Travel Guide and Offline Map itunes.apple.com
From the same family of city guide apps as the Paris example shared above, this app gives you a full New York map, along with hundreds of details about places to go, things to see and places to eat and rest. It also has a great Subway map feature which may be ideal for a traveler who is new to the area. You can use the search and discover feature to find places that are near to you. You may get directions or even plan a route if you wish.


Bangkok Travel Guide

Sometimes you might have to pay to get your hands on the best city guide apps, and that’s true with this case. At $4.99, though, you really get value for money in MTrip’s guide to Bangkok. You get a complete guide to all the attraction with reviews and ratings as well as places to eat and entertainment venues. You can make your own itineraries, use offline maps and get directions. You can make a trip journal and also send pictures and postcards via Facebook.


London Official City Guide

There are plenty of big names in the travel industry producing city guide apps for London but I like this one. It claims to be useful whether you’re a Londoner or a visitor, which means you should be able to maximize your trip to the city, combining the fabulous attractions with the best of what’s going on.


Discover Hong Kong

Discover Hong Kong itunes.apple.com
In a city like Hong Kong where the sheer number of people and labyrinth of streets can be daunting, having an app that can simply guide you in every direction just by you taking a picture of where you are is going to be invaluable. Take the pic and the app will point out all the points of interest in your vicinity. Otherwise, you can just use its search functions to decide where you want to go and let it guide you there.


Rome Guida Verde Touring

Rome Guida Verde Touring itunes.apple.com
This is my pick of the clutch of excellent city guide apps for Rome. It has maps that can be used online and offline so you can plan an itinerary or just get directions. The search facility gives you access to a database of more than 400 sights and attractions, along with lists of places to eat, drink, and be merry. There are also 20+ suggested tour outlines and lots of little tidbits about Rome compiled by the people at Touring Editore, a high ranking website.

That’s my selection of the best city guide apps for specific destinations – basically, some of the world’s greatest cities. I’d also throw into the mix PocketGuide, which is the pocket guide to 8 cities – Paris, London, Rome, New York, Barcelona, Rome, Singapore and Bangkok. What apps help you get around your favorite cities?

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If you're not sure about a hotel, have a few in mind and go to them in person. If you're worried about it being fully booked, book 1 night and see. However with some cities it is wise to book in advance, otherwise you'll be sleeping in a 24hr mc Donald's lol!

Love the article.. Will have to try these out :-)

Thanks so much Neecey! This has helped me a lot. You've been great !

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