8 Best Ferris Wheels to Turn Your World Upside down ...


8 Best Ferris Wheels to Turn Your World Upside down ...
8 Best Ferris Wheels to Turn Your World Upside down ...

Ferris wheels have been the most popular attractions at fairs and theme parks for years, but recently they seem to have declined in popularity. Maybe it’s because all they offer is height and stunning views. These obviously can’t contend with the thrills of theme park rides but the experience of some of the best Ferris wheels can’t be bought. As you’re being swung upside on a roller coaster and feeling the exhilaration of sheer speed, there’s no chance to survey the beauty from the peaks of the ride. On a Ferris wheel, the sedate pace is perfect for surveying the view. A Ferris wheel gondola a also great place for a romantic clinch. Read on for my list of the 8 Best Ferris Wheels To Turn Your World Upside Down.

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The Brighton Wheel

Located on the South Coast, Brighton houses one of the best Ferris wheels in the United Kingdom. The sights that surround the seaside town can be difficult to travel to by car, and tiring to do so by foot – instead, why not see them all from high up from this newly-built wheel?


Brisbane’s Wheel

Queensland has many things to offer a budding tourist, so you might think that having one of the world’s best Ferris wheels is not a particularly strong reason to travel Down Under. However you are mistaken – the cultural heart of the wonderful city that is Brisbane can be seen from the huge wheel that attracts many tourists every year. Whether you are taking a break from the beautiful golden beaches or are tired of walking around the shopping centers, the Wheel is a great way to see your surroundings.


The Lille Wheel

Located in Northern France, Lille is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Wheel is present in the city throughout November until January, making it the perfect treat for the many Christmas shoppers that the city attracts every year. The wonderful Christmas decorations and friendly atmosphere have propelled Lille’s Wheel into my list of the best Ferris wheels.


Singapore’s Flyer

You really don’t need a reason to visit Singapore, but if you are on the lookout for the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, it’s located here. A full rotation on the Flyer takes just over thirty minutes, providing you with views of the Singapore River and surrounding sights. For trivia fans, you may want to take note that the direction of the wheel was actually changed in 2008 from counter-clockwise to clockwise.


Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, Chicago

This wheel is encased in history, named after the very first Ferris wheel which was located in Chicago. At around 46 meters high you can expect fantastic unique views across the skyline of the city during the super-fast 7-minutes that a complete rotation takes.


Grande Roue of Montreal

Canada has some of the most amazing landscapes that you could ever see, with Montreal being no exception. Located in the La Ronde Amusement Park, you can ride the 45 meter high wheel for fantastic views of the city and its St. Lawrence River.


Vienna’s Riesenrad

If you are a fan of Orson Wells, you may be familiar with The Third Man. Recreate the iconic scene in Vienna by taking a trip on the wheel which was built by the British back in 1897. The wheel will be a truly great experience for any holidaymaker staying in Vienna.


Wheel of Gothenberg

Sweden is famous for this beautifully modern Ferris wheel located in Gothenberg, that just had to make it into my list of the best Ferris wheels. The short 15 minute ride provides you with amazing views of the city’s surroundings, but they will change depending on when you visit – the wheel is actually moved during part of the year, from the Opera House to The Liseberg amusement park.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the list of the 8 Best Ferris Wheels To Turn Your World Upside Down. By riding on any of the Ferris wheels that are dotted around the globe, you can really experience the amazing views that the world has to offer. Please do leave comments suggesting any additions to my list of the best Ferris wheels; I’d love to visit some more suggestions.

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