6 Awesome 😎 Tips on How to Cure πŸ™ Your Wanderlust πŸ’­ ...


Wanderlust, the intense desire to travel, is one of the greatest causes of FOMO because, if all traveling took was desire, we would all be doing it every chance we got. The sad reality is that not everyone, myself included, can just jump on a flight to some scenic island whenever we want. Fortunately, I learned long ago that I don’t have to actually have been in a place to be able to immerse myself it in, envision its landscape, or to inhale all of its smells. Perhaps it's the bookworm in me that loves reading and learning about new places, but a little independent research has taken me much farther than my passport has and, funny enough, it's helped me cope with my own wanderlust. This made me wonder about other ways that the untraveled traveler can soothe their desire to explore. Here are six ways to cure your wanderlust without traveling.

1. Watch a Travel Documentary

Technically, travel docs fall under the whole learning umbrella, but I’m going to suggest them anyway. Travel documentaries are a one stop shop to all things travel. Whether you’re into history or food expos, you’re bound to find something to soothe that ache you have to exploreβ€”right from the comfort of your own home.

Splurge on a Hotel