7 Amazing Perks of Flying First Class ...


While I typically fly economy just like the majority of travelers, I’ve also experienced the amazing perks of flying first class thanks to a mileage rewards program. Wondering whether it’s worth using your next batch of miles to spring for a premium ticket? Here are seven perks of flying first class that I especially love.

1. Free Checked Bags

Baggage fees are a major hassle and always one of the biggest money drains when flying. When enjoying the perks of flying first class, however, a certain number of checked bags will usually be allowed free of charge, depending upon the specific policies put in place by your airline. When I flew first class to the West Coast for my wedding, for example, I was easily able to check a bag and also carry my gown onto the plane, where it was conveniently stored in the first class closet, helping me relax and avoid worrying.

Faster Security Checkpoint Lines
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