8 Culinary Vacations for All Tastes ...


If you’re a foodie, when you take a vacation, one of the pleasures is the traditional cuisine. If you want to learn to make vacation food at home, why not try a cooking vacation? Choose the right one and you will be able to truly immerse yourself in local heritage, culture and cuisine. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Culture and Cuisine in Evia, Greece

Culture and Cuisine in Evia, Greece
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Evia is Greece’s second largest island and hasn’t been overrun by tourism. A culinary trip to Evia is not traditional where there’s a school in a nice setting but here you actually learn to cook with the local villagers. You’ll make dishes like kourkoubines, a traditional pasta and pastelli, a sesame and honey sweet. You’ll be able to eat traditional food in seaside tavernas that cater for Greeks rather than the fish and chip/spag bol brigade as well as being able to enjoy beautiful beaches and visit roman ruins and medieval castles.

Chefs on Bikes in the Veneto
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