Your Summer is Riding on This: Best New Theme Park Rides to Try in 2015 ...


Do you feel like you've been on every theme park ride?

Then what you need is something new!

Theme park enthusiasts love to try a new ride.

So what's new this year?

There's plenty going on in the theme park world, with new rides and new parks opening all over the globe.2

So here are the brand new rides you should check out in 2015 …

1. Fury 325 (US)

Do you want to whizz around at speeds of up to 95mph?

That's faster than you can legally drive on the freeway in most countries!

Then you should head to Carowinds, a theme park on the North/South Carolina state line, and try out its new ride, Fury 325.

Carowinds is cheaper than Disneyland and probably won't be as crowded, so head there if you're local.

Dive Coaster (Holland)
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