8 Ways to Be a Good Guest ...


When you visit a friend or relative, it’s important to remember how to be a good guest.

Especially if you hope to get a second invitation!

Since you are staying in someone else’s house, don’t treat it like it’s your own place.

Their rules and habits may be different from your own.2

So here’s how to be a good guest, keep your host happy, and ensure that they’ll be delighted to invite you back …

1. Bring Gift

The first step in knowing how to be a good guest is to always arrive bearing a gift.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but try to put some thought into it.

Don’t just turn up with cheap chocolates or a wilted bunch of flowers.

Equally, don’t go to the other extreme and buy something expensive, or you will probably embarrass your host.

Respect Their Timetable
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