7 Things to Pack for a Weekend Road Trip ...


Okay, so you're finally getting away for that long-planned getaway and you're frantically rushing to gather all things to pack for a weekend road trip.

You just want to head out the door and leave!

But before you do, stop for just a moment and use these helpful hints to help you with the things to pack for a weekend road trip.

May these tips assist to smooth your way out the front door and into an exciting world of new adventures.

1. Money


a very basic one.

But we don't realize how many of us actually forget to bring their wallets.

Money is one of the most important things to pack for a weekend road trip.

There's nothing better than having a wad of greenback (or redbacks,or bluebacks, depending on your home country) which speaks volumes and gets you in and out of where you want to go.

Generally no more than a few hundred dollars will probably be enough and be conservative when you flash the cash.

Always carry small bills to cover taxis and tips, and leave the big bills in a separate place only you know about.

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