Believe it or not, travelling really does change you.

How you ask?

Well, here's guest contributor Sakina Kavi with her reasons for how travelling makes you an awesome person!

As you pack your travel bags to take a break from your everyday routine life, you may not realize but this experience may end up changing your personality for the better.

Don’t believe me?

Well then, here are a few points about how travelling can change your outlook on life and transform you into a better person.

1. Makes You Miss the Little Things in Life

Living in the most comfortable place in the world that you call home makes you take many things for granted, including sleeping n your comfy bed, and the fact that you will always find your fridge full of your favourite snacks.

However, travelling makes you realize how important these little things in life are, especially when you find yourself eating food that tastes more like yesterday's leftovers and when you end up sleeping in a makeshift tent with a thin blanket in the freezing nights of the Sahara.

Makes You Better at Communication