7 New Year Traditions around the World ...


If it is customary for your New Year celebrations to be a party with friends or a family gathering, you might want to shake things up a bit and introduce some of these New Year traditions practiced around the world into your own society.

Unlike Christmas, New Year is observed by most cultures, even if not all at the same time.

These New Year traditions I’m presenting here are associated with January 1st rather than the Asian new years or religious-specific New Years.

1. In Ireland, They Place Mistletoe under Their Pillow

Are you single and hoping to find your knight in shining armor?

You might enjoy one of the Irish New Year traditions.

On 31st December, place mistletoe, ivy or holly under your pillow before going to bed.

This will give you luck in finding your dream husband.

2. Brazilians Give Offerings to Yemenja, the Goddess of the Sea

Thousands of Brazilians carry out one of the most charming New Year customs even in our days, hoping Yemenja will make their wishes come true.

The tradition mainly involves throwing white flowers into the ocean, but other offerings are accepted as well (the Goddess of the Sea is not a picky gal).

Some examples include: lipstick, jewelry, perfume, lipstick or combs – generally, almost any objects of female vanity.

I’m not sure what this says about Yemenja, but, well, if it brings us luck…2

3. In Scotland, They Don’t Beat around the Bush

While some play with mistletoe hoping for love to come, the Scottish get straight to business.

They make sure the first person that enters their house on the first day of the New Year is a tall, dark handsome man.2

According to popular belief, doing so will bring luck to the household for the next twelve years.

I may not be the superstitious type, but having a dark, handsome Scottish man entering my house (be it January 1st or whenever) is definitely a sign of good luck.

I’d gladly embrace such New Year’s Eve traditions - wouldn’t you?


– it’s call First Footing.

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