10 Important Facts of World Geography You Have Probably Forgotten ...


So many common world geography facts are taught in school, only to be misunderstood and skewed, as people get older.

We also forget so many of the facts of world geography we learn as they are replaced by things we think we should know, like our Facebook login or our pin numbers.

Therefore, here are a few important world geography facts you have probably forgotten or maybe never knew in the first place:3

1. California is Bigger than You Think

France is only 30% larger than the state of California.

It makes you think about all the countries that France has invaded and defeated in its long history.

Also makes you wonder what would happen if California gave global domination a try.

2. The Great Wall of China

One great world fact is that that the Great Wall of China is NOT the only man made construction to be seen from space.

This is another one of those world geography facts that is often misunderstood.

From space, by using just their eyes, astronauts have seen plenty of man-made objects.

The Great Wall of China can be seen from space, but it is very difficult to pick out because it is a brown line nestled on a brown terrain.

The British built a big white millennium dome in the year 2000, which is a big white tent.2

This is easier to see from space, as are a great many highways at night.

Cities also light up and are easily seen from space at night.

3. Enclosed Countries

Geographically, the fact is that the Vatican City is only one of three countries that lie within another country.

The other two countries are Lesotho which is completely within in South Africa, and San Marino, which like the Vatican City, is inside Italy.2

4. The Shortest Geographical Name

One easy to remember world geography fact is that the shortest area name is A.

Of all the world geography facts this is the easiest to describe.

There is a district called ‘Å’ in Sweden and Norway.

It means “river”.

The World’s Biggest Country
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