9 Cool Facts about Michigan You Probably Don't Know ...


9 Cool Facts about Michigan You Probably Don't Know ...
9 Cool Facts about Michigan You Probably Don't Know ...

Even if you live in Michigan, learning all of the strange, unique and totally different facts about Michigan can be fun! I am from Michigan and while I live in Boston now, Michigan still has a special place in my heart. That got me thinking: what tidbits about Michigan do I really know? That's exactly where this list came from! These are a few strange, not well-known (most of them anyway!) and unique facts about Michigan and about why we love the mitten state!

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You are probably wondering exactly what Faygo is right? You are also probably wondering why it is important and why this 'pop' (also referred to as soda for everyone else outside of Michigan!) is one of the 'fun facts about Michigan' but it is! Faygo is a beverage and it was actually created on November 4th, 1907, and it's only found in Michigan. I'm serious … only in Michigan! My favorite Faygo pop is grape – what about you other Michigan-peeps?


Longest Freshwater Line

One of the coolest facts about Michigan that you might not know is that this particular state actually has the longest freshwater shoreline in the entire world. How cool is that? I'm from here and I never knew that – I just knew that there were a lot of lakes and a lot of water surrounding this mitten state.


Four Flags

Throughout the course of history, Michigan has actually had four different flags flown over it! Did you know that? This fact about Michigan is not all that well-known and I for sure had no idea! So, what flags have claimed Michigan throughout history? French, English, Spanish and finally, the United States.


85 Miles

I actually think that this fact about Michigan is one of the coolest! Standing anywhere in the state, a person is always within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes. Did you know that, my fellow Michigan-peeps?


Mackinac Bridge

Now, most of you probably don't know that Michigan actually has an upper peninsula, but we do! And it is actually connected by the Mackinac Bridge. That's not the only fact that I'm going to explore though. Did you know that the Mackinac Bridge is actually one of the longest suspension bridges in the world? It spans over 5 miles, took about 3 years to complete and was opened in 1957.


The Kellogg Company

Know those awesome cornflakes that you eat for breakfast every morning? The company started in Battle Creek, MI, by the Kellogg brothers. They accidentally discovered a way to process the dried cereal and created the factory right in Battle Creek. This is totally one of the coolest facts about my home state that I didn't know!


Car Capital of the World

This fun fact about Michigan is probably a given, but Detroit is actually the car capital of the world. Not only was the very first car factory introduced into the Motor City, but this city churns out tons and tons of cars! If you have ever been to Michigan, you can instantly see and feel the car history just from walking around Detroit!


Detroit's reputation as the car capital is well-earned; after all, it's the birthplace of the American automobile industry. Iconic names like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler – collectively known as the "Big Three" – still have their headquarters and major operations here. The city's annual North American International Auto Show is a gearhead's dream, showcasing the latest innovations and sleek designs. From the rumble of historic Model Ts to the sleek purr of modern muscle cars, Detroit's streets are a living, rolling museum of automotive progress.


Vernors Ginger Ale

If you aren't from Michigan, you probably have absolutely no idea what Vernors is and what it tastes like, right? It is actually the very first soda pop that was ever made in the United States. It's a ginger ale (and while I like Canada Dry, Vernors feels like home!). The reason why this pop is so unique is that it is stored in oak cases!


Henry Ford

Finally, if you don't know, Henry Ford actually was born in Greenfield Township (right near Detroit). He created, welded and made the Ford brand what it is today and it all started in Michigan. If you ever visit Dearborn, Michigan, you'll find the Henry Ford museum, which is fantastic!

So everyone, there you have it! All of the top and unique facts about Michigan that you probably didn't know. So, what other facts about Michigan do you have to share?

Top Image Source: michigan.org

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This is really great, but the Faygo part is wrong. You can buy Faygo in TN and KY and other states around there.

Faygo is in Mississippi so it has to be everywhere!


What do you mean other people don't drink Faygo?! And orange all the way. Also I go down south a lot and they all laugh at me when I say pop!

We say pop in Indiana and drink Faygo. I love Orange!

Not true we can get Faygo in Ohio!

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