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These days the requirements to be cabin crew are somewhat rigorous.

It used to be that little girls dreamed of being an โ€œair hostessโ€ when they grew up, but today we donโ€™t even use that term anymore, and thereโ€™s also a very good chance that your flight attendant will be male.

If you dream of taking to the skies and working in a customer service role, check out these requirements to be cabin crew (they are general and not specific to any particular airline, and will vary according to carrier).

1. Passport

One of the first requirements to be cabin crew is obviously having a valid passport that allows for traveling worldwide, without any restrictions, so that you can legally enter any country serviced by the airline.

Airlines that operate internationally often accept all nationalities as cabin crew, but you still must have an up to date passport from your country of residence.

2. Age

The minimum age to become cabin crew is usually 18, but some airlines may have a higher threshold, such as 19 or even 21.2

The maximum age is 54 with most airlines, but there are some that have a different max limit than this.2

3. Health

Having great health is one of the most important requirements to be cabin crew, and you will have to undergo a thorough medical examination if you want to apply for such a job.

Furthermore, note that you must be free of all narcotics, hallucinogens, street drugs, stimulant medications and depressants.

4. Education

While the minimum prerequisite to be cabin crew when it comes to education is to have a high school diploma, more and more airlines are looking for people with a college degree.

Majoring in fields like psychology, sociology, communication or PR is a big plus, since such a job requires great interpersonal skills.

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