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If you’re a foodie, when you take a vacation, one of the pleasures is the traditional cuisine.

If you want to learn to make vacation food at home, why not try a cooking vacation?

Choose the right one and you will be able to truly immerse yourself in local heritage, culture and cuisine.

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Culture and Cuisine in Evia, Greece

Culture and Cuisine in Evia, Greece
Image Source: www.bestourism.com

Evia is Greece’s second largest island and hasn’t been overrun by tourism.

A culinary trip to Evia is not traditional where there’s a school in a nice setting but here you actually learn to cook with the local villagers.

You’ll make dishes like kourkoubines, a traditional pasta and pastelli, a sesame and honey sweet.

You’ll be able to eat traditional food in seaside tavernas that cater for Greeks rather than the fish and chip/spag bol brigade as well as being able to enjoy beautiful beaches and visit roman ruins and medieval castles.

2. Chefs on Bikes in the Veneto

Chefs on Bikes in the Veneto
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Well if there’s ever a vacation where you get to work off the calories from all the lovely treats you learn how to make this is it.

You’ll cycle the region around Venice in the morning sampling the art and history and beautiful scenery and in the afternoon learn the art of cooking followed by dinner of the dishes you’ve made or classic Veneto cuisine at charming family trattorias before heading to the villa that’s your hotel.

3. Kennebunkport: Maine Getaway

Kennebunkport: Maine Getaway
Image Source: hotels.com

If you don’t have the funds to leave the country there are plenty of US cooking vacations.

I chose this one because it’s one state I really want to visit.

On this trip you get to stay in a luxury boutique cottage and learn how to cook a full 5-course gourmet meal.

During the day you might take a painting class or have a spa treatment, go hiking or go picking your own organic vegetables.

Other US culinary vacation locations include the Napa Valley, Santa Fe, New York, Savannah and Washington DC.

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