You Will Not Believe These Houses a-List Celebs Rent for Vacations ...

Thanks to the heightened profile of AirBnB, the most amazing vacation rentals are becoming not just available but more widely known. If you want somewhere different, somewhere special and somewhere to follow in the footsteps of vacationing celebrities here are a few fabulous options:

1. Be Rapunzel at Dairsie Castle in Scotland

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Dating back to the 12th century, Dairsie Castle in Scotland is an architectural gem in mellow gray stone, as cute as woolly lambs and as regal as Bonny Prince Charlie. There's even a small fortified tower, a rarity among celebrity vacation rentals, where you can lean out of the window and let your hair down, Rapunzel style. Dairsie Castle boasts six scrumptious bedrooms and can accommodate up to 12 strapping knights in shining Hollywood armor plus your good self.

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