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Thanks to the heightened profile of AirBnB, the most amazing vacation rentals are becoming not just available but more widely known. If you want somewhere different, somewhere special and somewhere to follow in the footsteps of vacationing celebrities here are a few fabulous options:

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Be Rapunzel at Dairsie Castle in Scotland

Be Rapunzel at Dairsie Castle in Scotland Dating back to the 12th century, Dairsie Castle in Scotland is an architectural gem in mellow gray stone, as cute as woolly lambs and as regal as Bonny Prince Charlie. There's even a small fortified tower, a rarity among celebrity vacation rentals, where you can lean out of the window and let your hair down, Rapunzel style. Dairsie Castle boasts six scrumptious bedrooms and can accommodate up to 12 strapping knights in shining Hollywood armor plus your good self.


Could You Imagine an Igloo in Chile?

Could You Imagine an Igloo in Chile? "Elqui Domos" boasts very generously proportioned bedrooms that can accommodate up to four guests in considerable comfort, given that you're actually sleeping in an Igloo shaped contraption that affords fabulous view of the stars. It's one of the most otherworldly celebrity vacation rentals out there!


Maybe a Private Island in Fiji is Your Dream Vacation

Maybe a Private Island in Fiji is Your Dream Vacation What could be more exclusive than spending time on a private island? The miniscule 10-acre idyll, Nanuku Island, offers real celeb appeal. Here you can truly get away from the nasty world of paparazzi and nagging managers. Pristine sandy beaches, blue skies and exotic vegetation and better still, no neighbors for at least 20 miles...


A Uniquely Stunning Seashell House in Mexico

A Uniquely Stunning Seashell House in Mexico This one is a treat for fans of Spanish artist Salvadore Dali, for the seashell house looks just like one of his whacky creations. Fronting the azure waters of the ocean, this gleaming white vacation home is located in a tranquil gated community. Guests have access to a private pool and a snorkeling park, which should keep them busy and well away from easel, canvas and paintbrushes. Certainly one of the more unusual celebrity vacation rentals!


Find Some Solace in a Tree House in Goa

Find Some Solace in a Tree House in Goa Nature lovers will adore the beachfront Shunya Gor tree house in Goa. This is an ideal home stay for people who like a friendly blend of luxury, nightlife and nature, for you'll have your own personal lap pool on your tree-trunk threshold and trendy clubs and restaurants within a short walking distance here.


All Board for Some Yachting in Spain

All Board for Some Yachting in Spain You'll feel like Marilyn Monroe in the movie Some like it Hot, when you step on board this luxuriously appointed yacht in Spain. The Oliver Classic 20 boasts 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 would-be sailors. The full size yacht has two side cabins, a large aft cabin with direct access to the marina, a double cabin and a central salon-kitchen. A snug bridge affords guests interesting views of their super rich neighbors.


Relax in Luxury at an Atlanta Glass Tree House

Relax in Luxury at an Atlanta Glass Tree House If you've been hankering after a luxurious forest retreat the Atlanta glass tree house is the place for you. A stunning modern steel and glass structure surrounded by mature hardwood trees, the glass tree house boasts large and squeaky clean rooms with high ceilings and an abundance of light. You won't want to leave, for you can watch birds hopping about all day long. The glass walls and windows will make you feel a bit like a monkey in a public cage...which is why this is the perfect getaway for exhibitionists.


Stay on a Houseboat with Views of the Eiffel Tower

Paris, the City of Lights and Lovers, has many romantic home stay places but none can beat a houseboat moored right outside Eiffel Tower. It's almost overkill on the romance front, as you're snuggling up under a porthole in your floating studio and gaze at multi-colored lights illuminating the Eiffel Tower at night.


Unwind at Puducherry's Eco Village Spa

The private village of Puducherry comprises of more than 35 acres of unspoiled nature by the sea. Go to the beach to watch the sunset or float in the infinity pool and admire the stars above. Cozy, small vacation homes sleeping two people offer creature comforts like Wi-Fi and a TV each for a relaxing holiday. Dogs are also welcome in this pooch-friendly village.


A Beautiful Villa in Bali Has Your Name on It

Zaina Villa in Seminyak boasts three spacious bedrooms in a stylish district of Bali. You'll find plenty of restaurants and bars, shops and spas nearby. A functional kitchen, should you wish to cook romantic dinners, a dining room, swaying palm trees and a private swimming pool make this a fantastic vacation home for families.


A Rotterdam Cubehouse That’s Too Hip to Be Square

A Rotterdam Cubehouse That’s Too Hip to Be Square The cubists among you will love the Cubehouse in Rotterdam's center, a unique building in cool hues of yellow and gray and plenty of windows with excellent views. It's close to Rotterdam's famous markets, offers two cozy bedrooms, free Wi-Fi and excellent views. All you need now is a vase with colorful tulips and a lump of Gouda cheese and you'll feel like Dutch royalty!


A Couple Can Sleep Cozily under a Mushroom Dome in Aptos

A Couple Can Sleep Cozily under a Mushroom Dome in Aptos Mushroom dome cabins in Aptos, USA, are located in the middle of the forest, which makes them the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a retreat. On a clear night this small hobbit home will allow two friends to stargaze hand in hand.


Have Your Very Own Odyssey at an Aegean Island Idyll

Have Your Very Own Odyssey at an Aegean Island Idyll Staying on an Aegean Island near Athens, just a couple of hours away from the airport, is like being a movie star with your own private village by the ocean. There's a pool big enough for a party, six buildings, five bedrooms, two kitchens, two cozy fireplaces and three dining rooms plus a barn that could sleep up to 10 people. Tennis courts, spectacular mountain and sea views, lush vegetation and Greek cuisine...heaven!


Stay in a an Icelandic Cottage with Geyser Views

Stay in a an Icelandic Cottage with Geyser Views Situated in the heart of the Golden Circle Route, this unique cottage location may look fit for hermits, but everything is very accessible. The steep gables of this cottage overlook nothing but trees and unspoiled nature, but you'll find shops within 2 minutes and the geyser is just 10 minute away. The cottage boasts two bedrooms and can sleep up to 6 people.


Enjoy Your Very Own Californian Love Nest

The Love Nest in California may look like it's escaped from a "Mad Max" movie, but it's actually a romantic home stay that should be first on your list of desirable getaways. Utterly peaceful due to its desert location, the Love Nest provides you with views of our galaxy's stars few other celebrity vacation rentals can match.

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Sea shell house is in Mexico I'm off to Fiji in 6weeks

Beautiful list Thank you for sharing

I could pretend I am a hobbit in #14!!! Awesome!


Love the private island in Fiji, id go there any day

That seashell house looks weird but cute! Where is that? Awesome post!

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