You Will Not Believe These Food Shaped Buildings ...

There are many sites that are a feast for a traveler’s eyes but nothing quite like buildings that resemble food. Get your traveling shopping cart ready because I’ve got an architectural shopping list right here.

1. Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

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Bananas are good for humans; they're full of nutrients that make us happy. In New South Wales, they have taken the celebration of all things nutritious to a new level. Here the unwary traveler is subjected to the sight of buildings shaped like food or representing marsupials or miners. The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour was built in 1964, making it potentially the oldest of such buildings in Australia - with the possible exception of Larry the Lobster. Weighing in at a proud 1,200 pounds of concrete, the Big Banana used to stand in the heart of an active banana plantation but now stands as an attraction of a large banana-themed fun park. Totally nuts!

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