7 Worldwide Destinations That Are Overrated ...

While traveling, you will find that there are destinations that are overrated. Although they seemed to be the ideal holiday destination in your travel guide, in real life, it’s nothing like the photos. These holidays can give you a real bad aftertaste, as you’ve spent money and time on traveling. Therefore, it’s good to do some extra research before you book your holiday. Reading reviews on travel websites can give you insights about what travelers think, or you can just continue reading this article. These are 7 worldwide destinations that are overrated.

1. Dubai

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There are not many destinations that are overrated in the Middle East, but Dubai is one those that is. Within only a few years, skyscrapers grew faster than any tree would in this hot desert. If you want to plan a trip to Dubai, be aware that there’s nothing but high-rise buildings, high-end shopping malls and upscale restaurants. Yes, Dubai is for travelers with deep pockets. The climate is Dubai is extremely hot and humid, making it not the most comfortable place to be in, even though there’s a beach. If you want to explore the Middle East, you’re better off going to places like Petra in Jordan or Marrakesh in Morocco, which in general get good reviews from travelers.

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