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I love to see unusual, creative and eye-catching street art. It's even better when it comes as a total surprise - when you turn a corner, or cross a square. I love that they are usually totally, incongruously juxtaposed to their surroundings and make me stop and wonder. From political to philosophical, from whimsical to serious, they are a feast for the eyes and food for the brain.

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Popped up

Gresham Palace, sculpture, landmark, city, statue, Location - Szechenyi Square in Budapest, Hungary
Artist - Ervin Loranth Herve


Les Voyageurs

blue, sea, beach, coast, extreme sport, Location - Marseilles, France
Artist - Bruno Catalano


Nelson Mandela

Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, architecture, fence, wood, outdoor structure, Location - Howick, South Africa
Artist - Marco Cianfanelli


Iguana Park

lawn, grass, yard, garden, flower, Location - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Artist - Hans Van Houwelingen


Čumil: the Watcher - 'Man at Work'

Cumil, sculpture, statue, monument, carving, Location - Bratislava, Slovakia
Artist - Viktor Hulik


Respect for History Park

army, sculpture, military, vehicle, Location - Eceabat, Turkey
Artist - Various


Diminish and Ascend

landmark, structure, cloud, bridge, river, Location - Bondi, Australia
Artist - David McCracken


The Unknown Official

road, snapshot, street, pedestrian, infrastructure, Location - Reykjavik, Iceland
Artist - Magnus Tomasson


Shoes on the Danube

bird, vertebrate, duck, water bird, ducks geese and swans, Location - Budapest, Hungary
Artist - Gyula Pauer



night, light, darkness, lighting, christmas lights, Location - Burning Man Festival, USA
Artist - Alexander Milov


The Monument of an Anonymous Passer-by

statue, people, monument, soldier, art, Location - Wroclaw, Poland
Artist - Jerzy Kalina


Device to Root out Evil

landmark, plaza, night, downtown, lighting, Location - Vancouver, Canada
Artist - Dennis Oppenheim


Skeleton Lovers

archaeological site, sculpture, art, monument, statue, Location - Sala Keoku,Thailand
Artist - to the plans of Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat


Man in the Wall

Montmartre, statue, sculpture, wall, monument, Location - Paris, France
Artist - Jean Marais



Brooklyn Bridge, statue, sculpture, monument, human positions, Location - New York, USA
Artist - Paige Bradley


The Force of Nature

sculpture, art, arm, lighting, statue, Location - Doha, Qatar
Artist - Lorenzo Quinn


Lorenzo Quinn's Force of Nature is a breathtaking sculpture that represents the power of Mother Nature clinging onto the planet, whirling in a tempest of motion. Captured in brilliant detail, this piece evokes both awe and reflection on the environment's fragile beauty. The dynamic sculpture can be found gracing the esplanade of Doha, where art enthusiasts and casual observers alike marvel at the composition. Often photographed against the backdrop of Qatar's evolving skyline, it stands as a profound reminder of the strength and endurance of the natural world in the midst of ever-changing urban landscapes.


Dandelion Fairy

tree, plant, flower, branch, sculpture, Location - Trentham Gardens
Artist - Robin Wright


Break through from Your Mold

wall, art, mural, statue, sculpture, Location - Philadelphia, USA
Artist - Zenos Frudakis


Hippo Square

art, sculpture, carving, wood, Location - Taipei Zoo, Taiwan
Artist - Various



St. Paul's Cathedral, sculpture, art, tourist attraction, Drawings, Location - Tate Modern, London, UK
Artist - Louise Bourgeois


The Road to Freedom

night, lighting, convention center, Location - Vilnius, Lithuania
Artist - Tadas Gutauskas


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