7 World Famous Destinations Best Seen on a Guided Tour ...

Some of the best guided tours are to be had in the most famous destinations in the world. Today’s modern traveler sometimes does prefer to tour around on their own, but there are some great guided tours to be enjoyed. It may seem pointless thinking about guided tours to iconic landmarks, sights and locations, but you can really learn and understand what you are seeing, and appreciate it even more. To help you choose, here are 7 World Famous Destinations Best Seen on a Guided Tour:

1. Safari in Africa

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Raw, untamed and wild, Africa is an evocative and intoxicating continent to visit. Touring through national parks could take you days to see any animals in the wild, unless you know where to look that is. And to be perfectly honest, I myself would like to go on safari tour with a guide, and have someone direct me, before I come face to face with the whites of a lions eyes.

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