7 Wonderful North America Cycling Trips for the Summer ...

If you’re still unsure where to go on vacation, maybe one of the marvelous North America cycling trips will take your fancy. A cycling trip is so freeing. Although you’re following a planned route, your time is your own. You can set your pace and stop at whatever location you want to spend time in, when you say. It does require a bit of planning because you need to know where you are going to spend your nights, but there are plenty of options of camping, bed and breakfast, hotels or hostels. And, with these choices of North America cycling trips, who wouldn’t want to saddle up and get pedaling?

1. The Pacific Coast Route

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The Pacific coast route stretches for 1853 miles and is mostly on shared roads with some stretches for cyclists. For those who are always looking for new challenges, the route can be extended from Mexico to British Columbia, at the southern and northern ends, respectively. The trip from Washington all the way down to San Diego is one of the best us cycling trips since it gives you a nice view of the coast all the way!
More info at adventurecycling.org

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