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There are so many glorious sights of India. The country is huge (it's the 7th largest in the World), and it has a population of 1.2 billion and an incredible history. It has held a fascination for travelers for centuries, people who are drawn to it for its mysticism and soul. It is a land of colors, religions, monuments and diverse people. If the land is calling you to visit, here are some of the main sights of India you can expect to see.

1. Taj Mahal

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Via Taj Mahal Agra India November ...

Surely one of the most well known attractions of India.

2. Shiv Mandir, Bangalore

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Via Hindu Temple - India

The statue of Shiva at this Hindu temple is 65 feet tall.

3. The Golden Temple, Amritsar

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Via The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India ...

Its formal name is Harmandir Sahib and it's a Sikh temple.

4. Gateway of India, Mumbai

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Via This is India

The monument was built by the British when India was "The Raj" and Mumbai was called Bombay.

5. Mohabbat Maqbara, Junagadh

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Via The Messes of Men

The mausoleum is the tomb of Nawabs - semi-autonomous rulers who served the Mughal emperors.

6. Agra Fort, Agra

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Via Red Fort Agra by CitizenFresh ...

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Agra Fort's aspect today is a result of modifications made by Shah Jahan - the same man who built the Taj Mahal.

7. Holi Festival

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Via Places to visit

The land of colors becomes even more colorful during the festival of Holi, the celebration of spring.

8. Jain Temple, Ranakpur

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Via Unbelievably intricate Temples (Must see!!)

The Ranakpur Jain temple - built from marble - is considered to be the most magnificent of all Jain temples.

9. Vegetable Market in Udaipur

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Via L1003052.jpg

Markets are among the most exciting ethnographical attractions of India.

10. Colva Beach, Goa

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Via Colva Beach ,Goa,India: - PixoHub

The beaches of Goa are stunning and the reason why it is the party capital of India.

11. Jog Falls, near Bangalore

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Via jOg falls

One of the most popular natural attractions in India, Jog Falls is the country's 2nd highest waterfall.

12. Light of the Gods, Khajuraho

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Via Light of the Gods ( ...

The Western world knows this as the Kama Sutra temple. It features hundreds of erotic sculptures and carvings but there are also some of the most revered Gods of Hinduism among them. It's another of the magnificent sights of India with UNESCO World Heritage status.

13. Aquaria Grande, Mumbai

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Source: amazingsnapz.com
Mumbai has some of the most amazing modern architecture in India. Each room here has a floating balcony swimming pool.

14. RANTHAMBORE National Park

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Via It's a beautiful world

Don't you just love how the old fort gate has become part of the 500+ year old Banyan tree?

15. Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur

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Via A R C H I ...

The Mandore gardens are made up of charmingly landscaped areas and high rock terraces that are home to a collection of temples and memorials, a museum and the Hall of Heroes.

16. Descent of the Ganges, Mahabalipuram

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Another World Heritage site, The Descent of the Ganges is a massive carved rock monument. It faces east towards the ocean on the Coromandel Coast.

17. Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad

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Via some times...past reflects in future....

One of the largest mosques in India.

18. Kashmir, India

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Via Untitled

This beautiful mountainous region is subject to disputed ownership between India and Pakistan.

19. Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve, Ladakh

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High altitude Tsomoriri Lake is fed by the spring snow melt waters of the Himalayas.

20. Hawa Mahal Palace, Jaipur

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Via Once Upon A Story...

Also known as The Palace of the Winds or The Pink Palace, its distinctive shape represents the crown of Krishna, the Hindu God.

21. Meenakshi AMMAN Temple, Madurai

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The ancient temple is of huge significance to the Tamil people and is located in a city that's 2,500 years old.

22. Vidyasagar Setu Bridge, Kolkata

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Via The Light Bridge

Bridging the Hooghly River, it connects the cities of Kolkata and Howrah.

23. Decorated Elephant

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Via Desired Destinations

Elephants are decorated for many of the festivals in India.

24. Lotus Temple, New Delhi

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Via Baha'i House of Worship (Lotus ...

The première house of Baha'i worship in India. Baha'i temples are open to all denominations.

25. Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer

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Via Jaisalmer: Gadi Sagar Lake: Cenotaph

Gadi Sagar is home to a large number of shrines and cenotaphs. Located in a remote city in the Thar Desert, the lake is a popular leisure destination.

26. Camel Fair, Pushkar

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Via Wanderlusting... - A Life Well ...

The Camel Fair began as a livestock sale but now is one of the state of Rajasthan’s great tourist attractions. The five day festival is full of camels but also so much other entertainment.

27. Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, New Delhi

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Via Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir

The elaborate decorations of the oldest and most well known Jain temple in India. Thanks to an avian veterinary center in its grounds, it is also known as the Jain Bird's Hospital.

28. Chand Baori, Abhaneri

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Via grace(ful things)

Built in the 9th century, the well has 13 storeys, 3500 narrow steps and descends 100 feet, making it one of the deepest step wells in India.

29. Panorama Point, Matheran

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Just one of 38 scenic lookouts at the Matheran hill station.

30. Phugtal Monastery, Jammu

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Source: twitter.com
The monastery was built into the honeycomb caves in the 12th century.

31. Train Station, Mumbai

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Via Train Station

Not many train stations around the world are this interesting.

32. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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Via Rishikesh, India, 2011

"The Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas" is a place of pilgrimage and where the Beatles came in the 1960s to write their "White" album.

33. Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

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Source: flickr.com
The hall is a essentially a museum and art gallery to the history of India and Kolkata in particular. It holds regular special exhibitions.

34. Tea Plantation

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Source: 500px.com
No list of sights of India would be complete without a tea plantation.

35. Cliffs, Varkala

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Via Varkala cliffs

The cliffs at Varkala are unique for being the only cliffs on the southern Kerala Coast on the Arabian Sea.

36. Galtaji Temple, Khania-Balaji

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Via Galtaji Temple - Jaipur

Galtaji is an ancient pilgrimage site for Hindus.

37. Spices

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Via DSC_0095

Piles of spices in the markets add to the heady aromas of India's streets.

38. Downtown Mumbai

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Via Unbecomingly a foxing β€” Downtown ...

The antique architecture is such a contrast to Mumbai's modern skyscrapers.

39. Indian Sunset

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Source: 500px.com
Don't know where it is but it's simply stunning (possibly Kerala).

40. City Palace, Udaipur

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Via Udaipur, India, 2011

Udaipur was the historic and last capital of the former kingdom of Mewar. The palace was built over a period of 400 years by several rulers.

41. Kedartal, Garhwal Himalayas

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Via Upon the wings of dancing ...

The lake is also known as Shiva's Lake. The gold tipped mountain in the background is Thalay Sagar.

42. Backwater Taxis, Kerala

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Via Authentic Colors

The Kerala backwaters form 8% of India's total waterways. They provide a living for farmers, fishermen and traders and are a popular tourist destination.

43. Red Fort, Delhi

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Source: panoramio.com
Delhi's Red Fort is another of the magnificent sights of India attributed to Shah Jahan, the 5th Mughal Emperor and the man behind the Taj Mahal. It was built in 1648 as the fortified palace of Shahjahanabad, his capital.

44. Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai

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Via India-7835

Millions of clothes are washed every day in this open air laundry.

45. Peruvudaiyar Kovil, Thanjavur

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Via Elephant in front of Tanjore ...

This is one of the largest Hindu temples and is made entirely from granite. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Great Living Chola Temples.

46. Mehrauli Archeological Park, New Delhi

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Via Leap of faith

The 200 acre area is adjacent to the Qutub Minar World Heritage site and the Qutb complex and is home to tombs, temples, mosques and a step well.

47. Anjuna Market, Goa

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Via Cloth. Anjuna Flee Market. Goa, ...

Colorful sari fabrics stacked at the market.

48. Akshardham, DELHI

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Via Download Wallpaper 540x960 india, akshardham ...

A tribute to millennia of Hindu culture opened in 2010.

49. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

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Source: joguru.com
Built from yellow sandstone, Jaisalmer is known as the "Golden City" and is a World Heritage Site.

50. Manali Leh Highway, Himachal Pradesh

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Via All that's left

Highways and trails follow the natural geography of the Himalayas.

51. Traffic in JODHPUR

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Via 2011_12_Indien_7_Jodhpur_20111213_161416.jpg

Imagine New York traffic jams at the height of the rush hour. It doesn't come anywhere close to a busy Indian street - anytime.

52. Backwaters, Kerala

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Via DSC_8554

The peace and quiet of life on the water.

53. Street Scene, Bikaner

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Via Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Gaudily-colored buildings, men playing cards and sacred cow lying in the road - it could only be India.

54. Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

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The tomb was the first "garden-tomb" on the Indian sub-continent and was also the first to use red sandstone on such a scale.

55. Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

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Via Vietnam Holidays and Vietnam Tours ...

With tombs dating back to 1444, the gardens are a pleasant place to take respite from the heat and dust of the city.

56. Qutub Minar, Delhi

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Via India, Delhi. Minarete Qtub. Qtub ...

This is the 2nd tallest minar in India. It was built between 1192 and 1368.

57. Darjeeling

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Via indiaincredible: ”Darjeeling”

The "Tea City" sits at an elevation of 6,710 feet in the Himalayas.

58. Charminar, Hyderabad

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Via Charminar

One of the most recognizable sights of India, the accepted theory for the construction was as a commemoration to the end of a plague.

59. Asfi Mosque, Lucknow

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Via DSCN0303

Built by Shia Muslims, the mosque is in the Bara Imambara complex and is among the most grandiose buildings of Lucknow.

60. River Ganges

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Via 5954 Sacred Burning of the ...

India's sacred river.

61. Sunset, Kovalam

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Via A Serene Sunrise

Kovalam is one of Kerala's beach towns and its name reflects the endless lines of coconut palms.

62. Ellora Caves, Aurangabad

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Source: blog.travelpod.com
There's a total of 34 monasteries built side by side in the wall of a high basalt cliff. Interestingly, the monasteries are a mix of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain.

63. Kailashnath Temple Maharashtra

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Via Rock-solid dwellings carved from cliffs

What's so incredible about this temple, other than that is more than 1,200 years old, is that it was carved from the top downwards.

64. Lord Shiva, Murudeshwara

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Via Shiva in deep peaceful funk ...

This is the world's 2nd tallest statue of Shiva and stands at 123 feet.

65. The Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri

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Via The Largest Gate in the ...

The tallest gateway in the world. Also known as the Gate of Magnificence, it stands 54 meters high.

66. THIKSE Monastery, Ladakh

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Via india - ladakh

Huge status are among the many great sights of India. This statue of Maitreya stands 49 feet tall.

67. Namaste Tower, Mumbai

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Via Namaste Hotel, India β€” Architecture

Currently under construction, Namaste Tower is one of many futuristic skyscrapers in Mumbai. The city has more high-rise buildings than any other city in India and there are always plans for new, high-design towers.

There are so many fabulous sights in India. Wherever you choose to travel in the country, you can guarantee a packed itinerary. What would interest you most to visit there - the religious monuments, the architecture or the natural attractions?

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