7 Wonderful Reasons to Live in the Northwest ...

I've lived in Oregon my entire life and can definitely say that there are so many reasons to live in the Northwest! This region of the US consists mainly of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. These states are simply incredible from their weather, gorgeous scenery, geological features and outdoor adventures. I have listed some unforgettable reasons to live in the Northwest that will hopefully catch your eye!

1. Temperate Weather

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Because of the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, weather patterns remain steady and temperate. Oregon and Washington are rainy, cool states most of the time and has warm, relatively humid summers with a few hot days. Montana and Idaho are dryer states and have varying weather patterns, with some more extreme temperatures because of the mountainous terrain. Temperatures still remain fairly even during the day with the closeness to the coastline. This non-extreme weather pattern is perfect for everyone and one of the fabulous reasons to live in the Northwest!

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