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8 Wonderful Places to Propose Marriage in a Leap Year ...

By Neecey

To propose marriage is a major event in anyone’s lifetime. Traditionally marriage proposals call on the man, rather than the woman, to pluck up the courage and boldly go where he has not gone before, and with, perhaps the fear of rejection in the back of his mind, take the pivotal plunge and get down on one knee and declare undying love in a moving and romantic marriage proposal. However the right for a woman to make a leap year marriage proposal to her man on the 29th February every leap year goes back hundreds of years. In English law, the day was ‘’leapt over’’ and ignored, and it was declared that traditions had no legal status either. Hundreds of years ago, this was a life saving day for those women who may have been considered destined for the ‘’shelf’’. These days, is it not uncommon for women and men to both propose marriage, leap year or not. Here are 8 Wonderful Places to Propose Marriage in a Leap Year

1 Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands are without a doubt, one of the most glorious and romantic destinations in the world. Home of The Great Barrier Reef, unbelievable sunsets, picture perfect white sandy beaches, and sparkling crystal clear azure waters, make this destination and unforgettable place to ask your loved one to marry you. Make memories, when you take a private seaplane, and propose marriage mid-air, above the stunning Heart Reef – and you will not be refused.

2 Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

No matter just how many photographs you have seen of Table Mountain, nothing will prepare you for your first view of this national heritage symbol of the Cape. Perched majestically on the shores of the Table Bay, the panoramic views will leave you spellbound. A few clouds, and a trickle of the mountain breeze flicking through your hair, with the sun setting on the horizon, make this the most dramatic place in the world to ask the most important question you will ever ask in your life.

3 Rainbow Valley, Central Australia

The only attraction of this destination is that the magic happens in the late afternoon as the sun starts to set on the horizon. As the rays of sun hit the ‘’rainbow’’ strips of sandstone, this remote valley becomes a magical delight as the rays of light bounce off the rusty red rocks around the valley and the sky becomes filled with rays of rainbows. Take a walk through the valley from Alice Springs, and be prepared to be filled with awe by a landscape perfect for a Leap Year marriage proposal.

4 Ubud, Bali

Experience the magic of Indonesia, in Bali, with a backdrop of rice paddies that roll over hills and through valleys and the scent of frangipani flowers that waft through the small, winding cobbled streets. Pack a picnic and cycle through the unspoiled countryside, among the mysterious and romantic ancient temples and swaying coconut trees, and wait until sunset sets the skies alight with the lush purples, luminescent pinks and resilient oranges of the vibrant sky, that lights up the rice paddies, and his eyes, as he says yes to your special leap year marriage proposal.

5 Kenya, Africa

Rugged and raw Africa will bring out the lion or lioness in you. Book at one of the world class lodges and be prepared for out of this world service and hospitality, when the staff find out what you are planning. Be prepared for the African motto of ‘’Go big or go home’’. There’s nothing like being serenaded by an authentic African Choir, having your hands and feet painted, as fire lamps surround a luxurious bush picnic with elephants, giraffe and wildebeest as your backdrop.

6 Florence, Italy

Snuggle up on a window seat for two, with a glass of Chianti, next to a blazing log fire, looking out over the rolling hills of Florence, tucked away between the medieval buildings, all alongside the Arno River. The land of love and opulence, wine and song, and most definitely romance everywhere. Make your loved ones heart melt, as you declare undying adoration, and propose marriage.

7 Las Vegas, Nevada

For those who may not be that much interested in a long engagement, or the quiet, laidback pace of the rolling country side, Las Vegas ticks all your instant gratification boxes. Romantic dinner at 8pm, complete with all the over the top trimmings, bells and whistles you could possibly think of, this is Vegas after all. Marriage proposal at 9pm, huge ostentatious wedding hosted by Elvis Presley and Demi Moore at 10pm. Reception at the casino – pick one- at 10.30pm, honeymoon starts at midnight. For a wild impulsive thrill, this is not to be missed.

8 Charles Bridge, Prauge, Czech Republic

Literally a gem, the Charles Bridge is completely mobbed with tourists during the day, but once the droves have headed off into the sunset, now is the time to take your chance. Gorgeous statues, in a fairytale setting, with the sun ebbing away on the horizon, the evening on this bridge is pure bliss and complete magic, a love story in the making that will last generations.

To propose marriage is a huge milestone in anyone’s lifetime, and no matter how the marriage proposal is done, or whatever the timing, you can be sure that a dramatic backdrop, an idyllic sunset and the person you love, are all the ingredients you need to make it perfect. Spending buckets of money and travelling to lavish and outlandish destinations are not necessarily what creates magic, but the love and the thought that goes into how the marriage proposal is made, is what makes it enchanting and downright perfect. Which one of these 8 Places to Propose Marriage in a Leap Year would you choose?

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