7 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling ...


We all know that the benefits of traveling include seeing the magic of our world and experiencing new cultures, but did you know that traveling also provides you with skills and experiences that will help you in your career? In this instance we are not talking about travel as 2 weeks by the pool on a tropical island or an all-inclusive resort on a Spanish Costa. The benefits of traveling I’m going to highlight relate to round the world trips, adventure trips and vacations of longer than the standard 10-14 days.

1. Social and Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively is an essential life/career skill. Losing all your cash when the nearest ATM is 100 miles away, getting lost, or even just being able to converse with those around you means finding ways to communicate and be understood. One of the benefits of traveling, especially to areas where English is not widely used, is that you learn how to communicate to achieve what you want/need.

Stress Management Skills
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