7 Wine Countries to Put on Your (Wine) Bucket List ...

If you enjoy a glass of wine or two, you probably have a whole load of wine countries on your bucket list. When I first started traveling (oh sooo long ago), wine came from France, Italy and Germany. Then we started seeing wines from the New World – Australia and New Zealand. The USA and South Africa then came up on the rails. Now though, wine countries span the globe from Chile to Bulgaria. For me to talk about whole countries is hard because there are so many grape growing regions within these countries. So, what I have done is pull out a few regions of wine countries for you to consider for a fabulous wine tasting trip.

1. Finger Lakes, USA

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The USA is definitely on the map as one of the world’s wine countries. This wine region is regarded as on-the-rise and is perfect for families with kids. There are lakes and waterfalls amongst the vineyards. The entire region has character-filled villages, green parks and interesting museums. The more than one hundred wineries can be enjoyed all year round and there is a huge variety of wines, including award winning labels.

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