Which Cities Does Lonely Planet Say to Visit in 2016?

Are you thinking of a city destination for your vacation rather than a beach? Tehn take your cue from Lonely Planet. Here are the cities their experts say are the hot destinations for 2016:

1. Nashville, USA

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Visiting Nashville isn't all about hanging around Country & Western bars in the hope to meet one of the music business's biggest stars or finding out what's hidden under some of the biggest hairdos and hats in town. Nashville is undergoing an extended period of growth becoming a far more economically viable, interesting, arty, cosmopolitan city, with trendy art galleries and restaurants opening everywhere and young people flocking to the city to find jobs. Friendly Southern manners, a booming tech, healthcare and automotive sector and a flurry of celebrated chefs opening restaurants here have turned Nashville into a brand new must-see "destination" in the US. So much so that Lonely Planet have opened an office here. With Google Fiber on the way for the next-generation super-fast Internet connections and the world's only full-scale replica of Athens's Parthenon installed in Nashville's Centennial Park, what's not to like?

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