Where to Be a Queen of the Wild Frontier ...

Despite that we can travel to so many wondrous destinations, there are still some not-so accessible places where getting there is part of a serious adventure. And once there, you realize there are still magical places that can be defined as a wild frontier. These wild frontiers are not for party animals or people who like crowds, but if you want to feel like a pioneer woman …

1. Baku, Azerbaijan

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While most people will probably have heard of the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountain range, and quite a few others will know of chess-master Gary Kasparov and Azerbaijan's much-discussed Eurovision song contest win in 2011, few people will be aware of capital Baku's historic treasures or will have heard of the country's lovely Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Ateshgah. At Baku's heart lies a medieval walled Old Town with mosques, caravanserais and palaces with gorgeous frescoes like Sheki's. Head out on hiking tours into the Caucasus and be a queen of the wild frontier near natural vents that will keep your toes warm and heat water for a cup of tea.

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