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8 Websites with Brilliant Travel Deals ...

By Neecey

Travel deals are a must for anyone who wants a budget friendly trip, or more than one vacation per year. Travel deals might be a discounted package tour, a cheap flight, free hotel/airport transfers, seat upgrades or freebies such as free car rental with a self-contained villa. As an avid traveler, I love the way the Internet has made it so easy to find some great bargains that can take us all around the world. Here are 10 Websites with Brilliant Travel Deals:

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24 million subscribers can’t be wrong! Divided into sections by country/continent, over 100 staff are employed in finding the very best travel deals. All offers are verified before being listed, so there’s little risk in clicking on your choice only to find it’s not available or it’s doubled in price by the time you reach the checkout.


Need cheap flights? An affordable hotel or even just a rental car? Go to Dohop started as a simple yet sophisticated flight search engine but has branched out to hotels and car rentals.


Expedia is one of the most well known websites for great travel deals and still one of the best. Flights, hotels, packages, car rental and individual excursions as well as insurance are all found on the site.


Orbitz is actually an umbrella brand that includes such names as,, and The site offers a range of travel deals across the range from budget vacations to superior business class and luxury travel.


One of the best features of is the sections for particular types of travelers. If you’re a student, in the military, a senior or a business traveler, you’ll find great travel deals grouped specifically. There’s some interesting articles in the blog too.


Whltravel is probably going to be one of the ‘eco-friendly’ travel sites that will move into the mainstream ahead of its competitors. If you want travel deals to take you off the beaten track or a guarantee of sustainable tourism you’ll find it here.


If you want to join a community of like-minded travelers, consider Membership is free and it’s an easy sign-up process. As well as offering excellent travel deals they also have iPhone and iPad apps free for members. The site also offers a personal planning service who can organize your vacation to the minutiae. Look out for deals of up to 50% listed prices but be quick as the offers are sometimes for a limited period.


This one is slightly different to the other entries in my list because it is actually a site that reviews other travel websites. If you’ve found some great travel deals but aren’t sure about the site you found it on, look it up on to see what their reviewers have to say. They also publish a free newsletter with free travel deals and travel website coupon codes.

It might be a bit of a trawl through a number of websites but there are definitely some excellent travel deals to be found. If spending a few hours searching means you get an all–inclusive package instead of half-board, or you get a 4* instead of a 3* hotel, your effort is probably worth it. Don’t limit yourself to one website and once you find a deal, check it out on a couple of other sites to ensure you’ve found the best offer.

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