7 Ways to Void Your Travel Insurance ...

You’ve gone to the trouble of taking out coverage, so it’s certainly best to avoid the ways to void your travel insurance. Voiding your insurance not only puts you out of pocket for the cost of the insurance itself, but you could also lose out on any compensation due to you had it remained valid and in place. So what are the ways to void your travel insurance you need to make sure you don’t fall foul of?

1. Getting Drunk

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This is one of the easiest ways to void your travel insurance when you come to make a claim. If damages occur when you are under the influence of alcohol, your insurance company will almost certainly not pay out. If the insurance company has reason to suspect that you were drunk when you lost your purse, you’ll have to prove that you were sober. Remember to be responsible with lower drinking ages and your newfound freedom when you head abroad.

2. Getting into a Fight

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The chances of getting into a fight while on holiday are thankfully very slim, but if you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation and get hurt, a good insurance policy will protect you... unless you were the one who started it. If you can prove with the local authorities that you were not the aggressor, or that you acted in self defense, then your policy should stand by you.

3. Not Being Completely Honest

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Filing a false claim is a fast and effective way to void your travel insurance. There is still a good chance that your policy will be voided if your claim is legitimate overall, but you embellish some of the facts or tell a few tall tales. It is paramount that you are completely honest. Always remember to read the policy carefully so you know what types of damage are covered by your insurance, and when you are able to file a claim.

4. Not Disclosing Information

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When you take out an insurance policy, you will be asked many personal questions that relate to your historical health and other things of this nature. Again, you must be as honest as possible. Another one of the easiest ways to void your travel insurance is to not declare a past health condition. People often withhold information because they are afraid it will make them ineligible, but it is always much better to be honest and pay a little extra for the right cover, instead of lying and being found out later on.

5. Partaking in Extreme Activities

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Want to go skydiving or white-water rafting while you are on your travels? Then pay attention to what your insurance policy is able to cover for! There are insurance options available that cover extreme activities such as this, though you will need to make sure that your policy covers this before you settle on a policy. It is not a case of your policy being voided, but rather a case of not being illegible for a payout in the event of injury.

6. Not Reporting Events Straight Away

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If you were the victim of theft at home, you would tell the police, and the situation should be no different when you are on holiday. Insurance providers need evidence of the events, and to make sure your provider has all the information they need to accept your claim, you should report all thefts and other relevant situations to the local authorities. If you don’t do this, not only will this mean an unsuccessful claim, it will also mean that the criminal has gotten away with it!

7. Visiting High Risk Areas

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In the US, travel insurance is not usually voided by advice provided by the travel advice sections of Government, such as the declaration of a nation or region being ‘high risk’ and ‘do not travel.’ However, there may be certain exclusions that leave coverage holes in your policy so you should always check to make sure. If you are travelling specifically to high risk areas then you should consider a specialist insurance policy. Insurers in other English speaking countries usually exclude high risk destinations from their policies.

Do you always take out trip insurance or do you think it’s a waste of time? I’d love to know if you have ever voided your travel insurance but not realized you had done something to contravene the terms and conditions.

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