7 Ways to Travel with a Purpose ...


If you aren’t gaining the satisfaction from your vacations that you want, or you’re looking for a trip that delivers more, there are ways to travel with a purpose. You might save all year for your vacation but lying by the pool for a couple of weeks or a load of sightseeing trips just doesn’t cut it with regards to what you want to get from your precious time off. Then again, you might be lucky enough to be able to afford multiple trips and there’s opportunity for you to use one or more trips to give back. Here are ways to travel with a purpose.

1. For Small Towners

Cultural and community projects are amongst the many meaningful ways to travel with a purpose. Being involved in projects while you travel allows a level of cultural integration that you just don’t get when holed up on the beach or when hopping from one tourist site to the next. Instead, you will be welcomed like family, embraced by a small local community in a foreign country, and this invites you into the very center of another world. Unlike vacations where you simply travel for pleasure being served your sangria by the pool, YOU will be serving the locals you meet, and contributing in a positive way to their lives and their work.

For Farmers
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